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Casino Parties: The Unexpected—And Perfect—Team Building Experience

Casino Parties: The Unexpected—And Perfect—Team Building Experience

An increasing number of organizations today realize the importance of investing in improving the motivation of employees with the help of team building activities, according to Forbes. The whole idea behind team building activities is to give employees a break from their monotonous schedule by having something for them to look forward to. These activities show them how much they’re valued, in addition to recognizing their efforts in the organization.

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Top Casino Rentals For A Casino Themed Party

Top Casino Rentals For A Casino Themed Party

Get ready to host the best casino party your guests have ever seen. But what makes a great casino party? The games!

To make any casino night a hit with the guests the party needs to feel like a casino. Renting out casino games/ equipment is therefore, essential.

To help you host the best casino party, we’re covering the top casino rentals you need to host a casino party in San Francisco:

Craps Table

Craps is a popular dice game played in casinos. Players can guess and place bets on what they think the outcome of roll or series of rolls is going to be.

A craps table is one with a high boundary to contain the bets in the form of casino chips. The table is run by 4 casino employees. The tables have specific demarcations on them and hence need to be rented. We provide single, regulation, and premium craps tables for our clients.

Roulette Table

Roulette is a casino game where the dealer spins the wheel in one direction and rolls in a ball from another reason. Guests at the casino can bet on what number they feel the ball will show up on. Betters can put their money on pockets numbered 1 to 36 but not the pockets owned by the house.

The roulette table is one of the more elaborate pieces in a casino. It includes a wheel on one end and a betting table on the other. The numbers on the wheel are listed on the table for betters to place their casino chips on. We offer a single and premium roulette table that can take 12 to 20 players at a time.

Blackjack Table

Blackjack Table

Popular banking game, blackjack has its own American variant known as 21. This includes Pontoon and Vingtet-Un. The game involves comparing cards between one or more players and the dealer. Players do no compete with each other in this one-of-a-kind game. Players need to beat the dealer by either making 21 points on the first two cards drawn, achieving a score higher than the dealer, or letting the dealer exceed the limit of 21 cards.

The blackjack table is semicircular with demarcations for the game. The top of the table has a designated area for casino chips while there is a slot for currency and a shoe on either side. The base of the table has betting circles and the first and second base. We provide standard and premium blackjack tables that can take 7 to 9 players.

Let our experts plan and execute a casino party for you! whether a corporate event, a fundraiser, or a private casino party, our event planners in San Francisco have many years of experience planning events in the area. We also provide professional dealers and casino managers for these events. Call 650 595 8660 for more information.

Casino Party & Corporate Events: Why They Work

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There are some things that are just perfect together, such as coffee and milk, peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese – you get what we’re saying. In the same vein, a casino party and a corporate event make a perfect combination.

When it comes to arranging a corporate event, what you’re looking for is an evening that’s both memorable and exciting. A casino party not only ticks these two boxes, but also offers a lot more on top. It’ll not only make your corporate event more fun, but your employees will be raving about it for years to come. Let’s take a look at why corporate events and casino parties make such a good combination.

Casino Party Organizers Make Everything Easy For You

Throwing any type of party involves a lot of organizing and planning, but when it comes to a corporate event, everything is turned up a notch. There are so many things to arrange – the venue, the food and drinks, the decorations, the DJ – the list can go on and on. When you choose 4 Suits Casino Party, all you have to do is make one call, and we’ll take care of all the rest. We’ve been organizing casino-themed corporate events for 30 years, and if there’s one thing we know, it’s how to make a casino party great.

Entertainment that Keeps Everyone Engaged

Setting aside the logistics, proper entertainment is the lifeblood of a corporate event. The success of a corporate event depends upon keeping all the guests engaged and entertained for the length of the evening. The wide variety of gambling games on offer in a casino party is enough to keep guests entertained all evening long.

Provides an Escape from the Day-to-Day Office Environment

The primary purpose of an office party is to provide an escape from the day-to-day environment of the office. When it comes to regular corporate parties, most company employees don’t even want to go. They don’t want to spend an evening socializing with the same people who they see every day (only dressed better). However, a casino-themed corporate event is a different story. A casino party adds an element of glitz and glamour to the event and the exciting casino games provide an incentive for people to show up.

4 Suits Casino Party offers party planning services for corporate casino parties in the Bay Area, San Francisco. They’ve been in business for the past 30 years and cater to all kinds of clients, from startups to large companies. For a Las Vegas-themed casino party, they’re the experts to hire.

Throwing a Casino Party? Don’t Forget These 3 Things!

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When people hear about a casino party, they’re looking forward to a thrilling night full of fun, games, drinks and money. Even though Las Vegas is the hub of world-famous casinos, it’s quite possible to arrange casino parties in your own city. All you need to do is make sure all your arrangements and preparations are on point because the guests are expecting to be amazed beyond measure.

From food to décor, everything should be well-coordinated and in sync with the theme for the party. But what is a casino party without bets, table games and cocktails served one after another? If you are going ahead with an idea of a casino party in mind, it’s important to stay true to it and bring out the essence of Caesar’s Palace or the Flamingo in your event.

Here’s what your party shouldn’t lack.

Theme-Based Activities

Since this is a casino party and not an actual casino, you can bend the etiquettes of visiting a casino and work around with creative ideas to make it more entertaining. The key to leading a successful event is to keep your guests engaged from the start till the end. Make sure your party begins with a bang and keeps your guests entertained for the rest of the night. For that you can plan out interesting welcome activities such as a short game of bluff or a card trick at the entrance.

You can inaugurate the party by leading a taste and tell competition where people have to sip a drink with a blindfold and identify the ingredients. Beware: with a starter like this, you’ll be raising the bar of expectations for the rest of the party!

Music and Dance

Remind yourself that not everyone who attends your party will be coming to bet a few hundred bucks. They might just be there to check it out, have some drinks, enjoy the food or dance to the music. Even though it’s a casino party, it doesn’t hurt to have a dance floor at one corner. If players get too tipsy after having too many shots during the table games, they can head over to the floor and dance. Trust us, there’s nothing more fun than drunk dancing or having a rave party with your closest friends after getting rich over a table game.

Table Games

If you’re inviting a mixed lot of guests, chances are most of them wouldn’t be aware of complex table games or still be novices in that field. Lengthy explanations and trials bore out players who are there to try their luck and not listen to a lecture. It’s important that you make smart choices for the table games to make the party inclusive for everyone. Select games that are exhilarating and don’t require prior experience or skills from first-timers. Of course, you want your guests to have fun and not feel ashamed for not knowing the deal. Some classic choices of simpler table games include roulette, blackjack and even poker.

If you’re looking for rental party planners in the Bay Area, we can offer our expert services with 30 years of experience in the business. We specialize in organizing corporate casino parties and casino themed parties in San Francisco. Get in touch!

Planning a Casino Party over the Weekend? Here Are 3 Ways To Make It Unforgettable

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Enjoying an all-expenses-paid weekend trip to Las Vegas is surely going to win the hearts of your employees without fail. But it’s not practically possible to send the entire workforce on a paid vacation to Vegas!

In order to bring the glitz and glamour of casinos from Las Vegas in your own cities, you always have the option of throwing a casino party over the weekend. You can satisfy the itch to try your hand at a blackjack table and gamble with a few thousand bucks at a casino party in your city!

Without the right resources, it’s nearly impossible to recreate the same experience of a high rolling vacation in Vegas. But with professional help and smart planning, you can make this an unforgettable event. There’s no reason why the attendance and popularity of this event will be surely higher than any other office soirees or BBQ nights you’ve hosted before.

Here are 3 ways you can make your casino party a huge success.

The Right Rental

Finding the right dealer for your casino party is essential because they can make or break your event. Who doesn’t come to a casino party for some fun table games over a few hundred bucks? Only an experienced dealer can run the tables for the players throughout the party. It’s an exhausting job to find the right one from local listings and even then it’s a gamble because you don’t know how they’ll be. Letting a professional take over the responsibility of finding a dealer for the night will save you time and trouble. If they offer a stellar venue décor, casino managers, lighting and food and drinks, it’s an added bonus. Trust your instinct and go ahead with them because you’ve hit a jackpot.

Pick a Theme

What good is a casino party if you don’t have a theme to coordinate your attire with? Don’t forget, employees look forward to such social events because they can wear something other than a buttoned up shirt with a tie. It’s a great relief to not dress formal for one day and spice up your ensemble according to the theme. The theme also allows event décor and menu to be coordinated.

You can jazz it up by setting an ambiance inspired by the Sin City—where the idea originally came from. Or you can even choose to recreate the look of some world famous casinos like the Flamingo, Caesar’s Palace, New York New York or MGM Grand. Don’t forget to have the staff dressed according to the theme as well!

Prepare a Guest List

Corporate events are held for employees who need a well-deserved break from the hectic work routine. But if your budget allows, you can go an extra mile and expand your guest list to include business partners, potential contractors, and vendors. This will allow you to turn this expense into an investment because your business is automatically advertised to each party at the event.

Going all out on this party will most likely not be a waste of resources. With money comes power and shrewd businessmen can sense competition so it’s better to make a strong presence in the industry and make your name known. This will not only make your event unforgettable for your current employees but also make headlines turning you into a trendsetter.

We’re here to manage all your party planning needs. We’ve been in this business for more than 30 years and can promise to give you an event better than your imagination. Contact us for corporate casino event planning in Bay Area.

How to Spice up Your Casino Party with a Theme?

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No matter what the time of the year is, there’s always a reason to party. Birthdays, holidays, anniversary etc. are just a few of the occasions that call for a party. When most people hear the word, they think delicious food, hard drinks, and loud music. But, these things aren’t always enough for a fun party. Sometimes you need a little more than that to spice up your evening. What more could you add to make your party fun? Well, a few casino games should do the trick. However, if you want to make a special occasion even more fun, we suggest organizing a casino-themed party. A casino-themed party is exactly what it sounds like – a casino party with a theme. So, in this post, we’ll show you how you can organize a casino-themed gathering.

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1.   Choose a Theme

The first thing you need to do when organizing a casino-themed party is selecting a theme. When it comes to selecting a theme for a casino party, you have plenty of options. You could go with a 1920s themed casino party to relive the unique styles of the past. For this party, you can ask your male guests to wear gangster-style suits and cloche hats. Accessories like a scarf or cigar can be added to enhance the appearance. Women should wear elegant black or red dresses with white pearls and other accessories.

Another option is the Hollywood themed casino party. It’s perfect for reflecting the glam of Hollywood. For this casino-themed party, there should be a red carpet that leads to the venue and your guests should walk on it to enter the party. You could also mount photos of famous celebrities on the wall to make your party more Hollywood-like. For the costume, ask your guests to dress like celebrities. Give them the freedom to impersonate anyone from Hollywood.

James Bond themed casino party is our favorite, but it isn’t easy to pull off. You would need edgy and sophisticated decorations for this type of casino-themed party; sluggish and dull invitations won’t do you any good. For the costume, ask your male guests to dress like Bond while women can wear exquisite dresses with jewelry. Your guests could also dress like Bond Q, Moneypenny and M.

Another option for you is the Shanghai Nights themed casino party. For this party, you could ask your male guests to come in white Tuxedos or wear Changshan. Women may go with cheongsam in any color or print. Hair accessories are a must for them. You should decorate your venue in red for this party as this color symbolizes good fortune and joy for Chinese. For the food, go with small bite-sized sandwiches that guests can easily eat while playing their favorite casino games. Asian dishes would be a good choice; however, offer other varieties too as some of your guests may not fancy Asian food.

A Christmas themed casino party is an option for you if you’re planning a party during the Christmas holidays. For this themed-party, you’ll need a big Christmas tree and plenty of lighting and decorations. Invitations should be designed in red and you should include special Christmas greetings in your invitations. Tell your guests to wear red outfits or fancy Christmas dresses for the party.

2.   Send the Invitations

Once you have decided the theme of your casino party, the next step is sending the invitations. These days, everyone likes sending out invites electronically, but we suggest you stick to the old way. Create invitations yourself to reflect the theme of your party and deliver them in the mailbox or by hand. If you would rather go with the electronic way, there are a number of online designs that you may use for creating invitations that reflect the theme of your party. Spend some time crafting invitations that match the theme of your casino party and include details about your party such as the dress code to follow and the time of the party.

3.   Get Theme Party Supplies

You would need theme party supplies to decorate the venue to reflect the theme of your casino party. You may need napkins, paper cups, poker chips, playing cards, dice, glasses, etc. There are a number of online websites that provide theme casino party supplies. Check them out and order the supplies that are necessary to complete the decorations. Once you have the supplies, decorate your space according to the selected theme of your party.

4.   Decide the Food and Drinks

A casino-themed party is incomplete without food. You’ll need amazing treats and snacks to not just impress your guests but also keep them from getting tipsy due to excessive alcohol consumption. If you’re organizing a casino-themed party with a few friends or relatives, you don’t necessarily have to spend cash on fancy dishes or hire a caterer. There are plenty of recipes that are easy on the budget, yet delicious. For example, you could make some simple sandwiches and cut them in the form of a gameboard. They’ll not only look aesthetically pleasing but will hopefully taste great too. For drinks, go with the Martini, The Last Chance or the popular Poker Face drink.



5.   Casino Games

Of course, a casino-themed party needs casino games. You may have a Roulette wheel at home or maybe a Poker set, which you could use in the casino-themed party. You could rent other game tables from a casino party supplier. We suggest you rent a Blackjack and Texas Hold’em Poker tables as these games are incredibly popular. In a casino party, fake money is used to play the games. So, make sure you have plenty of fake money and chips for the guests to play the casino games.

You would need croupiers too for the casino games. If you have got the budget, you could hire professional croupiers for the casino games. However, if you’re thin on the budget, ask your friends to play the role of croupiers. You’ll be able to save plenty if your friends agree to act as croupiers. Your guests don’t necessarily have to play casino games at the party. Even board games such as Backgammon can be played and some of your guests may fancy them more than casino games. Jazz up the atmosphere with fancy lights and upbeat music.

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6.   Entertainment

While games will keep your guests entertained for hours, they may not be enough. Some of your guests may not be interested in playing games. So, you would need something to keep them engaged in your casino-themed party. For that, you could hire a DJ, fire performers, comedian or a magician. Again, if you are thin on a budget, you would have to skip on hiring entertainers for your casino party.

7.   Reward the Winners

While casino-themed party night is for some good fun, make sure that the guests who did great in casino games are rewarded. Since games are played with fake money in a casino party, your guests won’t get anything in return for winning if you don’t give them a reward yourself. So, once the party comes to an end, announce the winners of the casino games and award them with a theme-specific prize. Tell the guests about the prizes at the start of the party so that more and more of them take part in casino games and try their luck at the tables.

Final Thoughts

Creating your own casino-themed party will take a lot of preparation and planning, but it’ll surely be a memorable night and your guests will love the time they spent at your party. A night out at a real casino can be costly for your guests, but when you create your own casino-themed party, your guests have nothing to lose. They can play their favorite casino games without worrying about losing a single penny.

You have plenty of options for a casino-themed party, but each theme requires a lot of hard work and effort on your part. You won’t be able to pull off a successful themed casino party if you start planning late. So, start planning at least a month before the date of your party so that you can make all the arrangements in time. Plan the party as we’ve shown above and if you need any help in organizing the casino-themed party, take help from the professionals at 4S Casino Party.

At 4S Casino Party, we offer a complete casino package down to the décor and entertainment for one price. When it comes to organizing a casino party, we excel in delivering excellent service and quality supplies. We cover plenty of options that you may need for your casino party. So, feel free to reach out us at (650) 595-8660 for a free quote.

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