Corporate Game Night—Adding Casino Games to a Corporate Event

Corporate Game Night—Adding Casino Games to a Corporate Event

You’ve decided to take a brave step for this year’s corporate event by adding casino games to the mix. But quite frankly, now that the brainstorming session has begun, you’re a bit worried.

There are plenty of games you could opt for. But which ones should you choose? Don’t fret, though! 4S Casino Party has a list of games that suit the spirit of every casino-themed occasion!

– Craps

The perfect game if you’re looking for some excitement, craps is guaranteed to add cheer to your event.

A ton of fun while also being great for beginners and professional players, craps will bring your team together. Just be sure to tell your dealers to slow down if they see a beginner at the table, and you should be good to go!

– Roulette

Quite popular and well-loved, roulette is a slower game than craps, but it’s the perfect choice for people who just want to mingle and play.

A hit at most parties, you can be sure that you’ll see members of upper management seated at this table all night!

4s roulette

– Blackjack

Know of any Blackjack players in the company? If yes, then you should definitely add a table to the event.

Slightly more difficult than a basic game of craps, Blackjack should only be played by those with experience; though you can make things easier for the guests by hosting a beginner’s class so.

But keep in mind, Blackjack is popular, so a single table will not be enough. Always ask for multiple tables when speaking to your casino party rental company.

– Texas Hold’em

The most popular variant of poker, Texas Hold’em is a great choice if you’ve got some serious players coming to the party.

A game that requires concentration and strategy, if you add a Texas Hold’em table to your event, you might want to place it in a quieter spot, away from the DJ or the main party.

– 3-Card Poker

Typically found in major casinos, 3-card poker is fast-paced and exciting. The game involves the player making a 3-card poker hand, which is then played against the dealer’s hand. The best hand wins.

With the added bonus of additional bets being placed, this game can greatly increase the player’s potential winnings, so you’ll see plenty of first-timers wandering around this table!

4s casino poker

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