What First-Time Party Planners Should Know About Planning a Casino Night

What First-Time Party Planners Should Know About Planning a Casino Night

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Let’s just say there’s a lot of pressure on you to get things right!

When planning a casino night for the first time, you know there are expectations you have to rise to meet. But how do you ensure that everything goes according to plan?

4S Casino Party has some tips and details on planning a casino night for first-timers!

Hosting a Successful Casino Night—Here’s What You Should Do

– Plan Early

Like with any special event, you don’t want to leave the planning to the last minute. So give yourself ample time to plan out all the details. From the décor to the type of tables you need to the food and beverage you’ll be serving, have all the details decided a month—or at least a couple of weeks—in advance.

– Hire Professional Dealers

Of course, if you’re planning to hire tables from 4S Casino Party, we’ll take care of that. Along with our casino party rentals, we offer professional dealers in formal attire as well—trained and experienced in handling new and seasoned players.

Certified in their skills, our dealers help make sure the night goes successfully.

– Rent the Tables

You might be thinking that you could wing it when it comes to the tables and casino equipment. But if you really want to make an impression, it’s best to set up a card table. Your best bet is to rent out gaming equipment like a roulette table or poker tables to make the venue look professional.

Even if you’re having a casino night in your backyard, you’ll still want to create an authentic, impressive atmosphere.

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– Add a Theme

Turn it into a party! If your guest list includes some party-loving friends and family, take advantage of the opportunity and turn a basic game night into a monthly party. Decorate your venue and make it a black-tie affair. Turn it from simple to glamorous!

– Choose the Right Food and Beverages

Considering that everyone will be more focused on winning than eating, you’ll want to give your guests something they can nibble on while they concentrate on their cards.

So go for passed appetizers or a buffet. Give them the freedom to eat when they want to. And keep the drinks to a minimum. You’ll be tempted to add a few cocktails to the menu, but casino night at home is about clean fun.

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Ready to Plan the Ultimate Casino Night?

Get in touch with 4S Casino Party!

For those in the San Francisco Bay Area, we offer party rentals and casino event planning services for corporate events and fundraisers. Contact us at (408) 298-3001 for further inquiries!