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How Casino Games Have Evolved Over the Years

How Casino Games Have Evolved Over the Years

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The word casino was originally used to refer to a small pavilion situated inside a large sized villa. Though initially used for social gatherings, these small pavilions started to be used for gambling and casino games over time.

The very first casino dates back to the year 1861, and was established in the city of Monaco. Many years later, casino gambling was legalized. The State of Nevada was the first to do it in the year 1931, and this slowly led to the establishment of what is now called Las Vegas.

Below we’ll discuss how casino games have evolved over the years:

Slot machines

Slot machines are one of the greatest examples of the evolution of casino games. Games of chance have been around for thousands of years, but slot machines were created just 120 years ago.

The very first slot machine was called the Liberty Bell. This was actually a mechanical game that required the player to operate it by pulling a lever. Over the years, slot machines have advanced greatly and are now operated electronically. It wasn’t until the year 1996 when video screens started to appear in slot machines.

Slot machines are now one of the most popular kinds of casino game today.

Slot machines

Card games

Cards games have developed and modernized greatly over the years. Card games are no longer played in the same way, and nowadays, a deck of cards isn’t needed to play the game. Thanks to Charles Fey who in the year 1901, invented the draw poker machine.

The internet is also another major factor behind the substantial advancements of card games. Nowadays, poker tables can consist of players from all over the globe and the game has become incredibly dynamic and versatile.

Other casino games like blackjack and roulette have also advanced greatly, and now many online casino games include live dealers. They are the closest experience one can get of playing a casino game after the casino itself.

Horse race games

The evolution of horse race games became revolutionized when Pace Races was invented in the year 1934. This was one of the earliest electronic casino games. Players could bet on animated horse races displayed on a slot machine.

Another important development in horse race games was called the Sigma Derby. This was invented in 1985. Nowadays, people can enjoy horse games from live video feeds around the world.

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4 Interesting Facts About Card Games That You Probably Didn’t Know

4 Interesting Facts About Card Games That You Probably Didn’t Know

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A 52-piece card deck, as simple as it sounds and looks; a game with seemingly no intricate pieces like chess; is still one of the most astonishing set of games. It would come as a surprise to anyone who might just be familiar with five to ten types of card games that there are actually 1,000 to 10,000 kinds that can be played.

Below are some of the most amazing facts that you didn’t know about card games.

1. Bloody Aces

Ace has always been at the top of the card game. It’s not just a card but an expression on its own. It is the way to describe the ultimate height of achievement in a card game. But do you know how blood the history is behind the Ace of Spades? Let us enlighten you.

During the time of the 18th century, card games started to gain increasing popularity and eventually attracted the attention of the British monarchy. A huge amount of taxes started to be implied on the games and the deck of cards began to be legalized by a stamp. This was the Ace of Spades stamp. Moreover, if the deck was not legalized the offense was actually considered extreme enough to be given a death sentence.

2. Kings Queens & Jacks

A very essential part of your hand that might take you on to your next winning streak might come off as a simple illustration to you, but the truth is that the Queens, Kings and Jacks represented actual monarchs from real times. These included the famous ruler Julius Caesar, King David, and Alexander the Great. The King of Diamonds depicts Caesar; King of Spades represents Kind David, whereas the King of Clubs depicts Alexander the Great.

3. Card games have been around for longer than you can think

You might think that card games might have been around for only a couple of hundred years at most, but the reality may stun you. The earliest recorded card game was in China in the 9th century.

4. Your cards may be capitalist in nature

The traditional card suits you will find today were actually invented by the French and are a representation of the class system in ancient Europe. Spades signifies nobility, hearts represents The Holy Clergy, Diamond refers to merchants and Clubs depicts Peasants.

class system

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