5 Decor Ideas for a Casino Themed Party

5 Decor Ideas for a Casino Themed Party

As much as we all love parties, they aren’t all fun and games though; the planning process is incredibly exhausting and can be overwhelming, which is why we’re always ready to help out! As a casino party planning company, we work to organize major corporate casino events, holiday parties and much more.

Apart from bringing dealers and setting up games for the party guests, we also offer food and décor. This is why we’re listing our favorite casino party decorations so you can feel inspired to try something different and call us over:

1. Color schemes

We love a classic black and red casino theme! There’s nothing more elegant than this combination. Throw in a tinge of gold and voila! Our parties are catered to your needs and if you have a specific theme in mind we can execute it. However, there’s nothing that compares to the allure and mystery of this color scheme. Since we try to bring a touch of Vegas to the Bay Area, our parties are set up to emulate real-life casinos there.

2. Centerpieces

Put in a special request for centerpieces and we’ll make sure that tables at your corporate event receive them. A centerpiece is a simple yet effective way to add more detail to your event; while you may not want something that’s too loud and overwhelming, a small piece that’s in line with the theme should do the trick.

casino themed wall decor

3. Streamers and casino themed wall décor

We can transform any space into a casino; our favorite part about the process is being able to use streamers and wall décor that not just make it feel like a casino, but an actual party. We’ll set up posters, signs, door arches and much more to create the feeling that your guests have entered an actual casino. Of course, the gaming tables, genuine dealers and other features will add to this!

4. Photo-booths and props

What’s a party without tons of photos right? Especially when everything we do is for the ‘Gram! We’ll set up a photobooth and provide several props that your guests can pose away with all through the night. For those not interested in playing, photobooths are the perfect way to enjoy!

casino music

5. Lighting and music

No party is complete without the right lighting and music. This is why we offer the perfect dancefloor, a DJ and Emcee and amazing LED lighting to turn your night into the perfect party! Your guests can let loose and enjoy themselves swaying to the music, taking photos and making videos in the flashing lights and unwinding completely.

Excited to be the best host with the perfect party? You can reach out to us for a free quote and we’ll make your casino themed party happen.