Get the Facts About Casino Parties!

What is the minimum number of guests for a Casino party?
Depending upon how many guests you are planning to invite and the games you want at your casino party we can help you determine the appropriate type of games best suited to your needs. Usually ten for a poker tournament and up to fifty people for casino party is the minimum. We are always able to accommodate larger groups from several hundred up to 2000 or more. Just ask us how.

Do the dealers help my guests understand the rules of play?
You bet!!! (no pun intended). We provide professional dealers – dressed in formal dealer attire – who will provide the rules of play and ensure that guests understand and adhere to the rules.

How do I go about choosing the right Casino Equipment and/or Sponsorships?
Our expert sales staff can assist you in selecting not only the right amount of equipment, and which type would be most appropriate based on your expected turnout. We work with your budget, and give you recommendations based on our extensive background with other non-profit organizations and their success with casino night fundraisers with us. Ask for sponsorships to help pay for your Casino Night equipment; dealers, delivery, set-up, etc. Have receipts ready for your sponsors, encouraging them to make their donations for tax benefits. Offsetting the cost of the equipment before tickets or script are sold will begin your fundraiser with a positive start.​

What about using Volunteer Dealers Vs. Professional Dealers?
Using volunteers can help reduce the cost of your event. For Fund Raisers, Private and Corporate Parties your volunteers are the most active participants at the event. As players for your fund raiser, they would probably be your biggest spenders. We suggest you limit the volunteers to 2 hour shifts. More people may be willing to volunteer and everyone will get a chance to play. If you have 6 volunteer positions, you will need 12 volunteers. Professional dealers offer speed and accuracy and will deal twice as many hands as most volunteers. This translates into twice as many opportunities for the organization to raise funds. Moreover, professional dealers provide the accuracy that keeps the game fair.

What about using Volunteer Dealers Vs. Professional Dealers for Fundraisers?
Craps and Roulette require the expertise of a professional dealer. Some organizations use volunteer dealers for blackjack. The benefit is the money saved by not hiring professional dealers. However, there is risk for Fund Raising events. Volunteer dealers are sometimes generous with payouts, or mistakenly pay twice. Often they forget that chips are cheques that represent monies belonging to the organization. One mistake of one red cheque costs $2.50; one black cheque costs $50.00. To alleviate this, a training session may be arranged with one of our instructors. Training will help volunteers to understand the responsibility of their duty and will teach procedures that reduce mistakes.