Make Your Christmas Party Unique With Out of this World Themes

Make Your Christmas Party Unique With Out of this World Themes

Christmas parties are the highlight of the year. They are a culmination of a year full of memories and a vibrant celebration of the season of giving. Ugly jumper parties for Christmas are a thing of the past!

This year, we’ve put together a list of fun themes to try out. These themes work perfectly for an organization’s annual holiday party or even a festive private party for friends and family.

Christmas Carol Karaoke Party

Christmas carols are just what you need to put everyone in the mood for Christmas. Organize a casual party at home or a cozy venue where friends and family can sing their hearts out to their favorite Christmas tunes. Encourage guests to wear their festive pajamas, sweatshirts, and cardigans. Stock up on festive treats, drinks, chips, and dips.

Worst Present Party

Instead of doing a Secret Santa where everyone puts in much thought for every present, why not have a party where you can get each other bad presents instead? Make sure you make it clear to all guests that the gifts they buy are funny, like a creepy ornament, bamboozled jelly bean game, Cards Against Humanity, ugly sweaters or even beanies. Everyone can gather around a bonfire and open their hilarious presents one at a time.

A Casino Party with a Christmassy Twist!

Casino parties are a fun way to spend time with colleagues or even friends and family. You get to play casino games, indulge in drinks, and win some money.

Here’s how you can throw the most fantastic casino party:

Sign up with an event planner

Christmas parties are annual events and therefore, it needs to be planned perfectly. Employing the services of event planners is the best way to ensure everything is perfect for the day. Our event planners are experts at organizing casino parties.

Event planners organize all aspects of a party. They have insight into the best rentals, caterers, lighting, décor, etc. You can opt for a full-service event planning package or one that deals with setting up the casino for the party.

Casino games

Casino games can easily be rented out by companies like ours. We provide well-maintained equipment with delivery and set up. Our casino party service also provides professional dealers for the most authentic experience.

Festive food and drink for the catering

Festive food

Festive food is warming; everyone looks forward to it when the season is upon us! To make your casino party a true winter wonderland, festive foods are a must. Discuss the menu for the night with the catering service you’ve signed up with. Festive foods like pigs in blankets, Brussels sprouts, stuffing, sweet potato mash, roast potatoes, roasted turkey, traditional gravy, sweet potato pie, etc. are a must-have.

The drinks offered at the party should be in line with the Christmas theme. Have warming mulled wine, eggnog, buttered rum, hot toddy, and punch on offer through the night.

Christmas décor to warm up the place

No Christmas party will be complete without the traditional festive décor. No matter what venue you have chosen for the party, Christmas wreaths, mistletoe, holly, baubles, and ornaments are a must. If you’re going all-out with the décor this year, prepare a fun photo booth with props for your guests to use and capture the memories of a good night of fun.

Don’t forget Santa!


Don’t forget to invite Santa to your holiday party this year—he’s going to be pretty busy on Christmas Eve, he deserves a drink or two! For your Christmas party, book a Santa for the evening, or get a friend or family member to take on the role.

You could also prepare some goodie bags for everyone to take home. Have Santa give out these gifts and spend some time with everyone at the party. You have to admit—even as adults, there’s just something so special about getting to meet him!

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