Do’s and Don’ts of Planning a Casino Party

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For some people, a Las Vegas vacation is one of the greatest pleasures of their life. The glamorous shows, the endless amounts of vodka and the thrill of gambling in the top casinos of the world make it one of the top spots for vacation.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a Las Vegas vacation every time they wish to gamble and place huge bets on their dollars. Due to this reason, casino parties have become extremely popular.

At a casino party, people can enjoy gambling with fake money and can have real fun without losing anything. People are given chips at the start of the event that they can use to play the games. At the end of the night, top winners are given prizes. The chips can be exchanged for raffle tickets, so the more people cash in, the more raffle tickets they can get.

Typically, if you are planning to raise funds through a casino party, tickets for the party are sold in advance to ensure maximum participation. The chips that are given to the guests at the start of the event are included in the ticket price. If guests run out of these chips, they can purchase more to continue gambling.

Organizing a casino night party isn’t easy and requires careful preparation. You need to focus on all the details of the event to ensure that everything is in order. To help you successfully organize a casino themed party, we’ll enlist the do’s and don’ts of planning a casino party. By reading these, you will know what you must do to plan casino party and what you need to avoid to ensure that your casino night party is successful. So without further ado, let’s talk business.

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Do Start Planning Early

When organizing a casino themed party, you should start planning early. The reason is that there are several details, which you must focus on when planning a casino night party and you can’t attend to each and every detail if you start planning a few days before the event. We recommend you start planning two months before the event day. This will give you plenty of time to make arrangements for your big event.

Do Set Up a Budget

Before you start planning all the important details of a casino themed party, you must first determine your budget. This will help you decide the type of food and drinks you can offer, the type of decorations you can make and the games and entertainment you can afford for your casino night party.

Do Choose a Theme

If you want your casino party to truly stand out, you should pick a theme and follow through on it. You can either choose one central theme or divide your space into zones to feature multiple themes. James Bond, Great Gatsby and Mardi Gras themed casino parties are amongst the most popular ones.

Do Send Invitations

For a casino themed party, you should send invitations that tie in your theme. Let all your attendees know the theme of your casino party in advance so that can dress up accordingly. For example, if you are going for a James Bond theme, you should ask the male guests to dress in a black suits while women can wear elegant red dresses.

Do Choose the Right Food and Drinks

A sit-down meal isn’t adequate for a casino party, so you should opt for a buffet. When you plan a buffet dinner, your guests can eat their favorite foods when they’re hungry. Make sure to include several items in the buffet and inquire about special needs of your guests such as sugar free, vegetarian etc. so that special arrangements can be made for them.

Most people will want liquor at a casino party, so make sure not to offer only non-alcoholic beverages at your casino party. Serve martinis if you have planned James Bond themed casino party. If you wish to go the extra mile, print your own cocktail menu and let your guests create their own mixtures.

Do Provide Music

A perfect playlist is essential to throw a good casino party. Choose songs about casino, Vegas and gambling. Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra would set the mood your casino party. If you want to make your party more adventurous, you could record sounds that mimic a real casino – spinning money wheels, clanging slot machines, buzzers. Make sure that the volume isn’t too loud so the guests can have a conversation every now and then as well.

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Do Provide Everyone a Chance to Play

You should create a turnover at the gaming tables. If some of your guests don’t get the chance to play, they’ll hate coming to your casino party and may not attend the next big event hosted by you. If guests stay put and don’t give others a chance to play the games, most of your guests will leave without playing any casino games. To avoid this problem, you should plan a break, so that other everyone can get a chance to play the games.

Don’t Forget to Decorate

Decorations are important for a casino themed party. You should go with decorations that reflect your organization. Red carpets, black ropes, banners, personalized chips and luxurious tables and chairs can all give a unique touch to your casino party. You can find the decorations online or create them yourself to make your casino party a hit.

Don’t Provide Just One Casino Game

The reason your guests are attending the casino themed party is because they wish to enjoy the Las Vegas experience by playing casino games. Therefore, a casino party is incomplete without casino games.

You should include several games at your casino party. We recommend you include the roulette, blackjack, craps and Texas Hold’em Poker to your casino night party. The tables for these games can be easily rented and multiple people can play these games at a time.

Some of the most popular and least expensive rental tables include poker, and blackjack tables. Roulette wheel or craps table costs a little more. However, while only six to eight players can play blackjack and poker at a time, a craps table is able to accommodate twelve to fifteen players at once.

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Don’t Forget to Hire Dealers

Dealers should be hired to ensure that the casino games run smoothly and all the guests are aware of the rules of the game. Having experienced dealers can make a major difference in the gambling experience of your guests. Although we recommend hiring professional dealers for your casino party, it isn’t a necessary requirement. Some of your friends or guests may be experienced with casino games, so you can just ask them to play the role of dealers.

Don’t Skimp On Tables

Sometimes, people underestimate the number of gaming tables. Due to this reason, the party ends before all the people can have their turn on the gaming table. You should have enough tables so that at least half of your guest can play the games at one time. If you don’t have this many tables, not all your guests will get the chance to play.

Don’t Forget the Prizes

If you don’t offer prizes to the winners of the casino games, your guests will quickly lose interest. There will be nothing to play for; so, no one would want to play. Therefore, you should include prizes for the top winners of the casino games.

Don’t Panic

When planning a casino party, never allow your emotions to control you. If something is not going according to what you have planned, don’t panic; rather think of a solution. Remember, there is always a Plan B, so if one thing isn’t working out, you should try something else. For example, if you find that you can’t organize a James Bond themed party, you should pick another theme with which you are more comfortable.

These are all the do’s and don’ts that you must consider when planning a casino picnic. By doing the things we recommend and avoiding things we have warned you about, you can pull off a successful casino party that all your guests will love. If you are struggling to plan any detail of your casino night party, seek help from professional casino event planners.

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