Food Ideas for a Casino Party

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Planning a casino party involves many decisions, but one of the most difficult and important decisions you need to make is about the type of food that must be served at the casino party. Selecting other important details of the event isn’t as hard as choosing the food for your party because you just can’t afford to go wrong with the menu.

For the venue, you can choose many indoor arenas, which are big enough to accommodate all your guests. For the theme of the casino party, you have many choices such as 1920’s, Hollywood, James Bond, Shanghai Nights, etc. For the decorations, you can use playing cards, neon lights, dice, glasses and many other things. For the casino games, you can choose Texas Hold’em Poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, slots, wheel of fortune, etc.

However, for the food, it isn’t easy to find items that will please your guests. Don’t fret! We’ll help you decide the food menu for your casino party that’ll appeal to all your guests. We have put together a list of food ideas that would fit perfectly into your casino party.


Basic Buffet

If you are limited on the budget, arrange a basic buffet for your casino party. However, don’t sacrifice taste just for cutting costs. Choose simple and delicious food items that are easy on the wallet. Consider offering fish sticks, chicken fingers, cheese sticks, French fries and mushroom caps. Add a few dipping sauces and some side dishes.

Gourmet Buffet

Gourmet food is mostly found in big casinos. Gamblers, who are lucky enough to not lose all their dollars in the bets and win big, celebrate big by splurging. Help your gamblers feel like winners with lobster cheese puffs, mini turkey meatballs, artichoke and stuffed mushrooms and cheesy bacon bites. Your guests will love a gourmet buffet that has enough dishes to satisfy their taste buds.

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Casino Buffet

If you want take your party to the extreme level, go with a casino-inspired buffet. Cut watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe pieces in shapes of club and spade card suite. Make diamond and heart shaped finger sandwiches. Serve chocolate coins covered in foil for dessert.

Seafood Buffet

Seafood buffets are found at many casinos. You should plan a seafood buffet for your casino party only if your budget allows because seafood is expensive and it may break the bank if you are planning it for a large number of guests.  Choose seafood finger foods dishes for this buffet. Arrange different types of shrimp dishes. Offer shrimp popper, shrimp rolls, shrimp cocktails and crunchy fried shrimps. Add chilli crab, crab curry, crab cake, crab rangoon and lobster thermidor. Offer different types of dipping sauces to augment the taste of the dishes.

Dessert Buffet

You can also plan a dessert buffet to go alongside other tasty treats. If you are inviting only a few guests at your casino party, you can make the desserts yourself. However, if you’re planning a big party, pay a bakery to prepare the desserts. Offer cheesecake pups, dipped ice cream sandwiches, frosty strawberry pops and mini molten cakes. Add fudge brownies and apple tarts and decorate them like cards.


Dried Beef

In America, dried beef is called jerky while in South Africa people call it Biltong. No matter what you call it, it’s an incredibly delicious table food. You can mix the taste up a bit by using different flavors. All that protein in the jerky will keep your guests’ energy high and they’ll keep playing and enjoying casino games without getting tired.

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Pretzel Sticks

If you are allowing guests to eat while playing casino games, then pretzel sticks are the perfect item for your casino party. Place bowls of these tasty salty snacks on casino game tables so that your guests keep their mouths busy while playing poker or other casino games.

Cheese and Crackers

This is suitable for small scale casino parties. For instance, if you are planning to hold a casino party in your backyard with only a few guests, then you can add cheese and crackers to the food menu. You can top cheese and crackers with different varieties of cheese and other add-ons like smoked salmon, cocktail tomatoes and cucumber. These can be eaten easily and provide nutrients to your guests to keep their energy high.

Shrimp Cocktail

Popcorn shrimps are good for casino parties; however, if you want the guests to keep playing while they eat, then this isn’t a good choice because popcorn shrimps are too greasy. As an alternative, we suggest you add shrimp cocktail that’s easy to eat while playing casino table games.

Prime Rib

Whether you choose a casino buffet or opt for trays of food, prime rib can be a great addition to the food menu of your casino party. Keep thick slices in dishes or cut the prime rib into small chunks and serve at individual casino tables so that your guests can enjoy the tasty treat while playing their favorite casino games.

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Cheese Ball

You can also serve dice shaped cheese balls at your casino party. You may think that assembling this appetizer is difficult, but it’s really not that hard. Simply cut cheese balls in a shape of a cube and transform them into a yummy dice with the help of olive dots.

Carrots and Celery

At a casino party, you should try to arrange food that caters the choices of all your guests. So, for those who prefer a low carb diet, arrange a simple carrots and celery side dish. You can easily prepare this dish on your own and ask a caterer to arrange it alongside other dishes.

Dice Brownies

Dice brownies are simple to make and easy to decorate. And more importantly they are so tasty that none of your guests will be able to resist the temptation. Simply prepare brownies and cut them in the shape of a cube. After that use white icing for the dots and you have yourself a big, tasty dice.

Casino Cookies

Cookies are a good treat for any type of event. Serve sugar cookies decorated to look like poker chips to complement your casino themed party.

Mini Deep Dish Pizzas

Who among us doesn’t love a pizza? Pizzas are amazing and you should definitely include them at your casino party. But, don’t order large pizzas; instead, prepare mini ones that can be easily served at individual casino tables. Mini deep dish pizzas are easy to prepare and great in taste. Serve this tasty dish at your casino party and see the great appeal for it.

Romesco Topped Potato Bites

If you want to serve small potato bites that your guests can enjoy while playing casino games, then romesco topped potato bites are the perfect choice. Topped with delicious Italian style herbs, fine ham and cured tomato, this treat will leave your guests craving for more.

Meatballs and Wings

In a buffet style casino food menu, meatballs and chicken wings are always a great addition. Many catering companies offer platters containing meatballs and wings with dips. So, you can easily arrange these delicious dishes for your casino themed party.

Mini Cupcakes

Purchase small cupcakes and use edible paper card suits to give them a casino style look. If you can’t find the required edible paper, attach paper card suits with toothpicks and pierce them into each cupcake.

Blackjack Flapjacks

Blackjack is a popular casino game while flapjack is a yummy treat. If you combine the two, you get the perfect snack that can be served at any event including a casino party. This dish is simple to make and you can easily prepare it at home if you’re inviting only a few guests to your casino party.

With all these delicious buffets and elegant dishes, you can satisfy the taste buds of your guests and make your casino party a hit! Your guests will love to enjoy a variety of dishes at your casino party while they indulge in their favorite casino games. The dishes highlighted above are easy to prepare and you can make them on your own; however, if you are planning a big party, it is better to get professional caterers to arrange it. Or even better, you can hire a professional casino party planner to make all the arrangements for your casino party including the food menu. A professional casino party planner can cater all your requirements for the food menu and arrange all the dishes you want to serve at your casino party.

If you want to hire a professional event planner for your casino party, then choose 4S Casino Party. At 4S Casino Party, we can make all the arrangements for your food menu. Whether you want to plan a buffet or serve trays of finger food, we can make it happen.

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