How to Plan a James Bond Party

You may have come across various themes when planning a casino themed party. But, do you know which one is the most popular? The most popular theme for a casino party is the James Bond theme.

The reason James Bond theme is most popular is because everyone fancies the charming MI-6 agent. Bond enchants each and every one of us with his devilish looks and elegant style. Men desire to be like Bond and women love him. There’s something about James Bond that makes him so special. This is why a James Bond casino party is perfect for any type of casino event whether it is a fund raiser or a birthday party.

Now, let’s us move to the important question, “How to plan a James Bond themed casino party?”

James Bond themed party, like any other casino party, requires extensive planning. There are minute details that you must focus on and if you miss anything, you won’t be able to pull off the perfect James Bond themed party. Therefore, in this post, we’ll enlist 9 tips that will help you plan the perfect James Bond party that everyone will love.

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Create the Ambience

A playlist that includes famous Bond movie themes is always there in a James Bond themed party, so why don’t you consider something different? Hire a professional guitarist or violinist to play melodies of Bond music when guests arrive at your event. Live music during your casino party will give an elegant and sophisticated touch to your party, making it different from all mainstream casino parties.

If you don’t have the budget to hire professionals to play at your event, create a video-playlist featuring bond music played by various artists. Start playing the video-playlist on a screen when guests enter. Play the playlist throughout the event to keep the guests entertained.

Capture the Attention of Your Guests

You must capture the attention of your guests before your casino party to make sure more and more people attend your event. You can grab the attention of your guests by a compelling party invitation that sets the mood for your James Bond themed party. Design your party invitation like Bond — edgy, sophisticated and compelling. Make the invitation powerful by including Bond quotes or names of 007 movies.

The party invitation designed according to the James Bond theme will spark the interest of your guests and they’ll be tempted to attend your event.

Work on the Entrance

When the guests enter your event, they should feel like they’re coming to a real James Bond party. Therefore, you should work on the entrance of your event and make it more Bond-like. Get some 007 Bond posters and place them on the walls of the entrance.  Also, get a 007 Bond standee and mount it on the side. Design a red carpet runway and spotlight the standee to highlight it.

This will create a powerful entrance and set the mood for your James Bond casino party. When guests will walk through the entrance, they’ll now that they’re in for an amazing evening.

Playful Casino Games

If you have watched James Bond movies, you will know that if there was anything Bond loved more than Vesper Lynd, it was gambling. So, make sure to include casino games in your James Bond themed casino party. But, should you include all the popular casino games like Roulette and Blackjack? Not really.

Bond’s favorite casino games are Craps and Baccarat and he also played Texas Hold’em poker in ‘Casino Royale (2006)’. So, both Craps and Baccarat are a must for your James Bond casino party. Baccarat is sophisticated like Bond is while Craps is exhilarating. Both these games will keep your guests at the edge of their seats and provide them a real Las Vegas experience.

You can also include Texas Hold’em poker and hire professional dealers to make sure all your guests are aware of the rules of the games and the games flow smoothly. However, if you’re on tight budget and can’t afford to hire professional dealers, ask some of your friends who are experienced gamblers to play the role of a dealer. They would love to volunteer for the role of a dealer and will help keep your guests entertained throughout the evening.

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James Bond Themed Décor

One of the most important aspects of a James Bond themed casino party is the décor and you can never afford to go wrong with that. To decorate your James Bond casino party, use cardboard numbers or letters, spray paint, glitter, craft sticks and glue gun. First, join the numbers and letters together with glue and then join the craft sticks to strengthen and reinforce the design. After that, paint and glitter to create freestanding ‘007 BOND’ and ‘007’ art pieces.

All the items required to make the designs can be easily found and these designs can be created at a low price.

Another idea is to use oversized martini glasses. In the bottom of the Martini glass, place a LED light, add glass gems of different colors and put two extra-large dice at the top. Great! You’ve managed to create a classy Bond décor to add more 007 touch to your casino party.

Bond Cards

Get some free-standing Bond and Bond girl cards to make the theme of your James Bond casino party more sophisticated. You can mount these cards to a form board to increase the décor of your party and make it more James like. These cards will be the real eye-catchers for your James Bond themed casino party.


For a James Bond themed party, you’ll need to ask your guests to dress to fit the Bond theme. This will give your party that special secret spy atmosphere. Of course, the obvious choice is the classic 007 look, but just because it is a James Bond themed party doesn’t mean that everyone has to dress like James. Provide some examples of characters from the 007 movies to your guests to make sure not everyone is dressed like Bond. Q, Moneypenny and M are great examples. And we have also met several villains over the years, including Dr No in his grey suit, so your guests have a lot of options to choose from.

James Bond Menu

The menu of the James Bond themed casino party is really up to you. Either choose an elegant buffet or a full-course dinner or settle for serving munchies to your guests throughout the evening, with dessert and coffee at the end of the event. If you decide to serve a sit-down dinner, make sure to have some seating cards. For the table, choose white linen topped with squats of black or red to create a handsome room. Sprinkle tables with chocolate coins wrapped in a foil to add an extra classy touch.

Your James Bond themed casino party won’t be complete without drinks, so don’t forget to add lots of drinks. Serve vodka martinis –shaken not stirred– and champagne. With the drinks flowing and the gambling continuously going on, you can bet all your guests will have a great time. If you want to add some extra sizzle to your James Bond themed casino party, hire show girls from modeling agencies to serve champagne and walk around the casino game tables.

Check Everything

Once you have planned out every single detail of your James Bond themed casino party, check everything to make sure you are all set for the big day. Check the décor, the menu, the casino games you have planned and make sure invitations have reached everyone in time. Stay prepared to handle any issue on the day of your event and make sure you have a backup plan in case anything goes wrong.

These are all the important things that you need to focus on to plan the perfect James Bond casino party for your guests. Do you think you have what it takes to pull off an epic James Bond themed casino party? If you find that you cannot plan every single detail of a James Bond themed party such as the decorations, menu and casino games, hire professional casino party planners to take the burden off your shoulders. When it comes to professional casino party planners, there is no one else to trust but the 4S Casino Party.

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