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How Casino Parties Put the “Fun” In “Fundraising”

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Casino parties are not about all fun no gain. They’re an excellent opportunity to raise funds for a charity or non-profit organization. The sheer popularity and appeal of such events make them one of the most highly-attended events in the annual calendar. What better day to pitch an idea for something noble when there’s a large audience that can be addressed?

A casino night fundraiser maximizes social outreach by attracting all kinds of people, from philanthropists, to social workers, business tycoons and high-profile socialites. Offering them a night full of fun, games and food is not a bad trade to make for the funds that you’ll be collecting for a humanitarian cause.

Here’s how to make fundraising actually fun with casino parties.

Set a Ticket Price

It’s important to decide a target amount of funds you’re aiming to raise for this cause so that you can plan out the event accordingly. The higher your target score, the more you can invest in the décor, amenities, games and refreshments.

Make a structured plan for your event by putting in the target funds at the top, followed by expected tickets to be told, estimated figure of expenses, and net profit that can be made. This will make it easier to follow the plan and keep a check on your funds throughout.

Exciting Table Games

When someone thinks of a casino night, they are thrilled by the prospect of trying their luck at craps, blackjack or roulette. Table games are major attractions for those who’re willing to lose a fraction of their wealth for the thrill. A larger variety of games that entertain novices and experts both will make the fundraiser even more successful because you’ll have more hands willing to bet.

A great way to cut down on your aggregate cost is to secure a table sponsorship. This is a win-win for the sponsor and the fundraiser because it allows former’s brand name to be advertised and the latter’s purpose to be fulfilled. You can attract major sponsors by offering to market their business with visibly large sponsor signs displayed at each table they sponsor.

Drink Sales

There’s nothing like hard drinks that can spice up the casino party night. Endless rounds of drinks need to keep circulating to stay true to your real inspiration—Las Vegas casinos—and cash this opportunity to make money.

It’s better if you diversify with drinks on the menu and include all kinds of beverages because not everyone will be playing at the tables. Since it’s a fundraiser and not an actual casino, the etiquettes of being in a casino can be relaxed here. People can roam around, socialize, or just have a nice chat with a drink in hand if they want to. The key to raising most funds is to offer everyone present at the venue something to do. Drinking is a good past time for all the guests and also a lucrative chance to raise funds.


The kind of gentry you see at such fundraisers wouldn’t mind paying for a decent meal for a lot of entertainment at a fundraiser. Make sure you hire the best caterers so that the guests pay more out of appreciation than compulsion. The best way to raise funds through food is to have sponsors who would fund the catering. This way you’ll have more dishes on the menu to please all taste buds.

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Casino Parties are Great for Raising Funds

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Have you run out of ideas to raise funds? Carnivals, bake sales and art shows aren’t working out for you? Maybe it’s time you step out of the mainstream and put on your thinking cap to come up with better ideas to raise funds for your organization.

We see you have put on your thinking cap; excellent! Now, have you managed to come up with something unique that will bring big dollars to your non-profit organization? No luck? Let us help you out!

If you want something fabulous, unique and interesting that pays big then consider organizing a casino night fundraiser. Wondering what casino night fundraiser is? Let us clear the air.

Casino Night Fundraiser

A casino night fundraiser is an event where your guests can experience the excitement and thrill of playing real casino games. Casino night fundraiser brings a true Las Vegas experience. In casino fundraisers, game tables like those found in an actual casino are featured as well as professional dealers who ensure that the games run smoothly.

For entering the event, guests make donations and in return they are given chips to use in different casino games. Guests can play as long as their chips last and even extend their playing time by making more donations to get more chips. The major difference between playing in a fundraiser casino party and gambling in an actual casino is that actual gambling does not take place at fundraiser events. The guests are given funny money or chips which have no cash value to play the games and the only purpose of the event is to provide entertainment to the guests and raise as much money as possible.

Even though there is no gambling involved in a fundraiser casino party, but players can still win at these events. For example, you can provide prizes like a dinner or bottle of champagne to tournament winners to reward their efforts.

Are you thinking about organizing a casino night fundraiser to bring big dollars to your organization? Here’s what you must know to successfully plan a casino night fundraiser.

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Fundraising Goals

You are planning a casino night fundraiser to generate money, but how much do you expect this event to raise for your organization? What is your goal or target amount?

You must have a particular amount of money in mind before you begin to plan the event. For example, you may be planning to raise $20,000 with 200 attendees. You cannot just say “I just want to raise money”. This isn’t a goal and your fundraising events will never be successful if you approach them with this kind of mindset. If you are planning to raise $20,000 with 200 attendees, you’d have to sell 200 tickets at a price of $100. Whatever you target amount is, decide it before planning the event as it will help you make the arrangements accordingly.

The Date

When it comes to casino night fundraiser, few things are more important than selecting the date for your big event. It is best to start planning at least 6 months before the event to ensure that everything moves smoothly. When you start early, you will have a lot of time to plan a flawless event. Dedicated team, a well-thought plan and an ample amount of time to focus on all the important aspects of the event are essential for a successful casino night fundraiser.

The Location

For a casino night fundraiser, you must arrange a place with a lot of space. Actual casinos are mostly huge covering a large area where every inch is taken up by gambling tables, bars and slot machines. You don’t have to arrange such a huge space, but there should be enough room for people to sit, enjoy refreshments and play the casino games.

If you have access to a large facility, clear the space for the gaming equipment and set up tables and chairs there. If you do not have a space available, rent a hall for your big event.


What’s a casino party without music? Play songs at your casino night fundraiser to help the evening go smoothly. When people are having fun, they will socialize, stay longer and continue playing games which means they will buy more funny chips and you will be able to raise more funds.

Casino Games

You need to decide the games you want to include in your casino night fundraiser. Roulette, Blackjack, and Texas Hold’em Poker are few of the most popular options. You can easily rent the tables for these games. Dealers are also required to run the tables. If you don’t have the budget to afford professional dealers, recruit volunteers from your organization who are aware of the rules of casino games to manage the games.

Raising Funds

There are several ways you can raise funds through a casino night fundraiser. Let us show you how you bring big dollars to your organization through a casino night fundraiser.

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Ticket Sales

The most basic method of raising funds in a casino night fundraising is ticket sales. Ask your staff and volunteers to sell a specific number of tickets. Remember that the price of tickets should not be too high; otherwise, many people won’t buy it even if it is for charity. Keep the price of the ticket moderate to ensure maximum sales and participation of guests in your event. You can promote sales of ticket by providing discount on advance sales. For example, if the ticket price is $100, you can offer pre-sale tickets at a discounted price of $90 per person.

Start selling tickets as early as possible. Don’t expect the people to pay for a ticket at the door. If you are unable to sell many tickets before the event, consider reducing the scope of the casino night fundraiser. For example, if you planned five games initially, take one game out and make arrangements for four games to ensure that you can raise your target amount.

Table Sponsors

Before the fundraising event, try soliciting sponsors for each of the casino game tables. This is a great way to ensure that all the income goes to the cause. As you promote your fundraising event, highlight the corporate firms and individuals who were generous enough to support your noble cause by sponsoring the tables.

You can promote your sponsors through the casino tables at the event too. Place clear frames on the top of each casino gaming table to display the name and slogan of the sponsor.

Sponsorship’s price varies based on the event’s size, the organization and the kind of gaming table being sponsored. A higher price comes with Roulette and Craps table than blackjack and other tables. You should also consider giving your sponsors additional perks such as additional funny money upon entry.

Silent Auction or Live Auction

You can raise more funds at a casino night fundraiser by adding a silent auction to your event. This will require more planning as additional sponsors are required to donate auction items, but the added effort is definitely worth it.

Tournament Play

Designate one or two Blackjack or Texas Hold’em Poker tables as casino tournament tables. Players who participate in the tournament will be required to contribute a donation and in return they will receive additional chips to be used at that tournament. The tournament winner will be rewarded with special prizes. Tournaments can help you raise additional money as experienced casino players would love to take part in them to win exciting prizes.

Selling Additional Funny Money

You can generate additional funds for your cause by selling additional funny money during the casino fundraising party. The price of additional money should be low to promote more sales. You can also throw in a special discount for big purchases. For example, if a guest can get 200 funny chips for $10, then he/she should be given 500 chips for $20.

Selling Drinks

If you have kept a ticket price low, you can have the guests pay for the drinks to raise more money for your organization. However, if the ticket price is high, don’t charge your guests for the drinks as it will create a bad impression about your organization.

Casino Night Fundraising Is Not Easy

Now that you have become aware of all the important things you must focus on when organizing a casino night fundraiser; do you think you can successfully plan one for your organization? We know your answer is “No”. Without prior experience, organizing a successful casino night fundraising can be very difficult.

This is why at 4S Casino Party, we are here to help you plan a successful casino night fundraiser. We are the Bay Area’s only Award Winning casino party planners. We can take care of all the important details of a casino night fundraiser to ensure that your event is successful and you are able to raise big dollars for your organization.

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