Unique Fundraiser Ideas to Try Out

Unique Fundraiser Ideas to Try Out

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Raising funds for a cause is a popular trend among corporations. They include such efforts as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility and a way to give back to the community. A survey found that the average American supports 4.5 charities. That shows the immense potential fundraising events can have.

Such events don’t have to be boring and generic. Here are some fun ideas to try this year.


Walkathons may seem daunting at first but they’re incredibly fun. Many walkathons have been organized to help fund medical research in many field’s like pediatric cancer. Families affected are featured at such events; their stories are shared with the world.

To organize a walkathon, book a venue large enough. A park would be ideal. Have banners set up as well as stalls providing water and energy drinks to participants. Participants can pay a fee to be part of the walk to show their support towards the cause.

Employees and their families should be encouraged to take part as well. It promotes unity within the workforce employed and a sense of achievement once the funds have been raised.

Movie night


Everyone loves a movie and what better than an open-air movie night. Get attendees to pay a fee to watch the movie and have snacks on sale too to donate towards the cause. Since it’s outdoors, you can have pillows and blankets on offer too for a nominal fee. The concept of a drive-in cinema can also be used. It’s a good idea since there aren’t that many left anymore.

Bowling tournament

Take team building activities to the next level with a bowling tournament. Allow employees to sign up as teams and charge a fee from each of the participants. Book a cool bowling alley for the event; have the area decorated with banners about the particular charity chosen to raise funds for. Make the most of the event with merchandise and food on sale too.

Casino fundraiser

What better way than raising money than a casino night? Casino fundraisers are actually a popular way to raise money for a cause. Guests can be charged a fee for the event as well as food and drinks. Event planners can organize the event and have the casino games and rentals set up.

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