Planning a Perfect Fundraising Casino Party? Here’s What YouShould Know

Planning a Perfect Fundraising Casino Party? Here’s What You Should Know

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There’s nothing better than donating to a worthy cause. One of the quickest ways to do that is through fundraiser parties. Encouraging employees to support charity by opening up their wallets all while having fun is a great concept that can be executed by hosting a company fundraiser night.

Casino fundraisers are becoming extremely popular when it comes to choosing a venue or theme. If you find yourself asking about the legality of these parties in California, the short answer is ‘yes they are completely legal to arrange’. If you want the long answer and more research on the topic, here’s California’s Legislative Information.

Now, let’s get into the details of a successful charity fundraiser.

What Makes a Fundraiser Successful?

It takes a team to make any event successful. If you don’t involve your team in the planning or don’t encourage participation during the event, not only are you failing your employees and colleagues, the purpose of the event won’t be fulfilled. Think about it—why would someone happily donate when they’re having a dull time and would rather be somewhere else?

What Does Your Company Get Out of It?

The obvious answer is; raise money for your charity—but that’s not the end of it. It’s a chance for your employees to step out of the office routine and socialize with their peers in a more relaxed and non-formal setting. Some other reasons to host a fundraiser are;

  • Boost the company’s and employees’ morale by building relationships between higher management and rest of the staff.
  • Give your company a chance for free advocacy by creating a buzz on social media through employees.
  • Positive and organic PR to improve your company’s standing in the industry.
  • Affiliating your company with a local cause to bring in high-value supporters.
  • A less altruistic but valid reason is doing it for the tax deductibles. This benefits both the charity and your company so it’s a win for everyone.


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