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Do’s and Don’ts of Planning a Casino Party

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For some people, a Las Vegas vacation is one of the greatest pleasures of their life. The glamorous shows, the endless amounts of vodka and the thrill of gambling in the top casinos of the world make it one of the top spots for vacation.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a Las Vegas vacation every time they wish to gamble and place huge bets on their dollars. Due to this reason, casino parties have become extremely popular.

At a casino party, people can enjoy gambling with fake money and can have real fun without losing anything. People are given chips at the start of the event that they can use to play the games. At the end of the night, top winners are given prizes. The chips can be exchanged for raffle tickets, so the more people cash in, the more raffle tickets they can get.

Typically, if you are planning to raise funds through a casino party, tickets for the party are sold in advance to ensure maximum participation. The chips that are given to the guests at the start of the event are included in the ticket price. If guests run out of these chips, they can purchase more to continue gambling.

Organizing a casino night party isn’t easy and requires careful preparation. You need to focus on all the details of the event to ensure that everything is in order. To help you successfully organize a casino themed party, we’ll enlist the do’s and don’ts of planning a casino party. By reading these, you will know what you must do to plan casino party and what you need to avoid to ensure that your casino night party is successful. So without further ado, let’s talk business.

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Do Start Planning Early

When organizing a casino themed party, you should start planning early. The reason is that there are several details, which you must focus on when planning a casino night party and you can’t attend to each and every detail if you start planning a few days before the event. We recommend you start planning two months before the event day. This will give you plenty of time to make arrangements for your big event.

Do Set Up a Budget

Before you start planning all the important details of a casino themed party, you must first determine your budget. This will help you decide the type of food and drinks you can offer, the type of decorations you can make and the games and entertainment you can afford for your casino night party.

Do Choose a Theme

If you want your casino party to truly stand out, you should pick a theme and follow through on it. You can either choose one central theme or divide your space into zones to feature multiple themes. James Bond, Great Gatsby and Mardi Gras themed casino parties are amongst the most popular ones.

Do Send Invitations

For a casino themed party, you should send invitations that tie in your theme. Let all your attendees know the theme of your casino party in advance so that can dress up accordingly. For example, if you are going for a James Bond theme, you should ask the male guests to dress in a black suits while women can wear elegant red dresses.

Do Choose the Right Food and Drinks

A sit-down meal isn’t adequate for a casino party, so you should opt for a buffet. When you plan a buffet dinner, your guests can eat their favorite foods when they’re hungry. Make sure to include several items in the buffet and inquire about special needs of your guests such as sugar free, vegetarian etc. so that special arrangements can be made for them.

Most people will want liquor at a casino party, so make sure not to offer only non-alcoholic beverages at your casino party. Serve martinis if you have planned James Bond themed casino party. If you wish to go the extra mile, print your own cocktail menu and let your guests create their own mixtures.

Do Provide Music

A perfect playlist is essential to throw a good casino party. Choose songs about casino, Vegas and gambling. Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra would set the mood your casino party. If you want to make your party more adventurous, you could record sounds that mimic a real casino – spinning money wheels, clanging slot machines, buzzers. Make sure that the volume isn’t too loud so the guests can have a conversation every now and then as well.

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Do Provide Everyone a Chance to Play

You should create a turnover at the gaming tables. If some of your guests don’t get the chance to play, they’ll hate coming to your casino party and may not attend the next big event hosted by you. If guests stay put and don’t give others a chance to play the games, most of your guests will leave without playing any casino games. To avoid this problem, you should plan a break, so that other everyone can get a chance to play the games.

Don’t Forget to Decorate

Decorations are important for a casino themed party. You should go with decorations that reflect your organization. Red carpets, black ropes, banners, personalized chips and luxurious tables and chairs can all give a unique touch to your casino party. You can find the decorations online or create them yourself to make your casino party a hit.

Don’t Provide Just One Casino Game

The reason your guests are attending the casino themed party is because they wish to enjoy the Las Vegas experience by playing casino games. Therefore, a casino party is incomplete without casino games.

You should include several games at your casino party. We recommend you include the roulette, blackjack, craps and Texas Hold’em Poker to your casino night party. The tables for these games can be easily rented and multiple people can play these games at a time.

Some of the most popular and least expensive rental tables include poker, and blackjack tables. Roulette wheel or craps table costs a little more. However, while only six to eight players can play blackjack and poker at a time, a craps table is able to accommodate twelve to fifteen players at once.

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Don’t Forget to Hire Dealers

Dealers should be hired to ensure that the casino games run smoothly and all the guests are aware of the rules of the game. Having experienced dealers can make a major difference in the gambling experience of your guests. Although we recommend hiring professional dealers for your casino party, it isn’t a necessary requirement. Some of your friends or guests may be experienced with casino games, so you can just ask them to play the role of dealers.

Don’t Skimp On Tables

Sometimes, people underestimate the number of gaming tables. Due to this reason, the party ends before all the people can have their turn on the gaming table. You should have enough tables so that at least half of your guest can play the games at one time. If you don’t have this many tables, not all your guests will get the chance to play.

Don’t Forget the Prizes

If you don’t offer prizes to the winners of the casino games, your guests will quickly lose interest. There will be nothing to play for; so, no one would want to play. Therefore, you should include prizes for the top winners of the casino games.

Don’t Panic

When planning a casino party, never allow your emotions to control you. If something is not going according to what you have planned, don’t panic; rather think of a solution. Remember, there is always a Plan B, so if one thing isn’t working out, you should try something else. For example, if you find that you can’t organize a James Bond themed party, you should pick another theme with which you are more comfortable.

These are all the do’s and don’ts that you must consider when planning a casino picnic. By doing the things we recommend and avoiding things we have warned you about, you can pull off a successful casino party that all your guests will love. If you are struggling to plan any detail of your casino night party, seek help from professional casino event planners.

Finding a professional casino event planning that can help you plan a casino party isn’t easy. Luckily, if you are reading this post, you have already found professional casino party planners. At 4S Casino Party, we can bundle theme décor, dancing, music, games, elegant catering and LED ambient lighting into your casino party all while making it affordable to you. 4 Suits Casino Party provide equipment, dealers, delivery and set-up, and anything else you will need to make a casino night exciting and complete.

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How to Plan a James Bond Party

You may have come across various themes when planning a casino themed party. But, do you know which one is the most popular? The most popular theme for a casino party is the James Bond theme.

The reason James Bond theme is most popular is because everyone fancies the charming MI-6 agent. Bond enchants each and every one of us with his devilish looks and elegant style. Men desire to be like Bond and women love him. There’s something about James Bond that makes him so special. This is why a James Bond casino party is perfect for any type of casino event whether it is a fund raiser or a birthday party.

Now, let’s us move to the important question, “How to plan a James Bond themed casino party?”

James Bond themed party, like any other casino party, requires extensive planning. There are minute details that you must focus on and if you miss anything, you won’t be able to pull off the perfect James Bond themed party. Therefore, in this post, we’ll enlist 9 tips that will help you plan the perfect James Bond party that everyone will love.

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Create the Ambience

A playlist that includes famous Bond movie themes is always there in a James Bond themed party, so why don’t you consider something different? Hire a professional guitarist or violinist to play melodies of Bond music when guests arrive at your event. Live music during your casino party will give an elegant and sophisticated touch to your party, making it different from all mainstream casino parties.

If you don’t have the budget to hire professionals to play at your event, create a video-playlist featuring bond music played by various artists. Start playing the video-playlist on a screen when guests enter. Play the playlist throughout the event to keep the guests entertained.

Capture the Attention of Your Guests

You must capture the attention of your guests before your casino party to make sure more and more people attend your event. You can grab the attention of your guests by a compelling party invitation that sets the mood for your James Bond themed party. Design your party invitation like Bond — edgy, sophisticated and compelling. Make the invitation powerful by including Bond quotes or names of 007 movies.

The party invitation designed according to the James Bond theme will spark the interest of your guests and they’ll be tempted to attend your event.

Work on the Entrance

When the guests enter your event, they should feel like they’re coming to a real James Bond party. Therefore, you should work on the entrance of your event and make it more Bond-like. Get some 007 Bond posters and place them on the walls of the entrance.  Also, get a 007 Bond standee and mount it on the side. Design a red carpet runway and spotlight the standee to highlight it.

This will create a powerful entrance and set the mood for your James Bond casino party. When guests will walk through the entrance, they’ll now that they’re in for an amazing evening.

Playful Casino Games

If you have watched James Bond movies, you will know that if there was anything Bond loved more than Vesper Lynd, it was gambling. So, make sure to include casino games in your James Bond themed casino party. But, should you include all the popular casino games like Roulette and Blackjack? Not really.

Bond’s favorite casino games are Craps and Baccarat and he also played Texas Hold’em poker in ‘Casino Royale (2006)’. So, both Craps and Baccarat are a must for your James Bond casino party. Baccarat is sophisticated like Bond is while Craps is exhilarating. Both these games will keep your guests at the edge of their seats and provide them a real Las Vegas experience.

You can also include Texas Hold’em poker and hire professional dealers to make sure all your guests are aware of the rules of the games and the games flow smoothly. However, if you’re on tight budget and can’t afford to hire professional dealers, ask some of your friends who are experienced gamblers to play the role of a dealer. They would love to volunteer for the role of a dealer and will help keep your guests entertained throughout the evening.

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James Bond Themed Décor

One of the most important aspects of a James Bond themed casino party is the décor and you can never afford to go wrong with that. To decorate your James Bond casino party, use cardboard numbers or letters, spray paint, glitter, craft sticks and glue gun. First, join the numbers and letters together with glue and then join the craft sticks to strengthen and reinforce the design. After that, paint and glitter to create freestanding ‘007 BOND’ and ‘007’ art pieces.

All the items required to make the designs can be easily found and these designs can be created at a low price.

Another idea is to use oversized martini glasses. In the bottom of the Martini glass, place a LED light, add glass gems of different colors and put two extra-large dice at the top. Great! You’ve managed to create a classy Bond décor to add more 007 touch to your casino party.

Bond Cards

Get some free-standing Bond and Bond girl cards to make the theme of your James Bond casino party more sophisticated. You can mount these cards to a form board to increase the décor of your party and make it more James like. These cards will be the real eye-catchers for your James Bond themed casino party.


For a James Bond themed party, you’ll need to ask your guests to dress to fit the Bond theme. This will give your party that special secret spy atmosphere. Of course, the obvious choice is the classic 007 look, but just because it is a James Bond themed party doesn’t mean that everyone has to dress like James. Provide some examples of characters from the 007 movies to your guests to make sure not everyone is dressed like Bond. Q, Moneypenny and M are great examples. And we have also met several villains over the years, including Dr No in his grey suit, so your guests have a lot of options to choose from.

James Bond Menu

The menu of the James Bond themed casino party is really up to you. Either choose an elegant buffet or a full-course dinner or settle for serving munchies to your guests throughout the evening, with dessert and coffee at the end of the event. If you decide to serve a sit-down dinner, make sure to have some seating cards. For the table, choose white linen topped with squats of black or red to create a handsome room. Sprinkle tables with chocolate coins wrapped in a foil to add an extra classy touch.

Your James Bond themed casino party won’t be complete without drinks, so don’t forget to add lots of drinks. Serve vodka martinis –shaken not stirred– and champagne. With the drinks flowing and the gambling continuously going on, you can bet all your guests will have a great time. If you want to add some extra sizzle to your James Bond themed casino party, hire show girls from modeling agencies to serve champagne and walk around the casino game tables.

Check Everything

Once you have planned out every single detail of your James Bond themed casino party, check everything to make sure you are all set for the big day. Check the décor, the menu, the casino games you have planned and make sure invitations have reached everyone in time. Stay prepared to handle any issue on the day of your event and make sure you have a backup plan in case anything goes wrong.

These are all the important things that you need to focus on to plan the perfect James Bond casino party for your guests. Do you think you have what it takes to pull off an epic James Bond themed casino party? If you find that you cannot plan every single detail of a James Bond themed party such as the decorations, menu and casino games, hire professional casino party planners to take the burden off your shoulders. When it comes to professional casino party planners, there is no one else to trust but the 4S Casino Party.

4S Casino Party is the Bay Area’s only Award Winning Casino Party Planners. We can take care of all the important details of a James Bond themed casino party. For three decades, our casino events have set the price for professionally hosted hot casino action. When it comes to planning casino events, our experience is unmatched.

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How to Throw the Perfect Casino Party for Your Employees

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Let us be honest. None of your employees want to attend the same old corporate picnic, with the same BBQ out in the open, play boring games and have forced conversation with coworkers and others. They have been attending these kinds of events for years now and as you may have noticed, these events aren’t fun anymore. Your employees desire something different, something extraordinary, something completely out of the box.

So, why not give them what they desire? How, you ask? By organizing a casino party.

Casino parties have emerged as an affordable and practical way to bring that Las Vegas experience everyone desires at a fraction of the cost. Whether it is an engagement party, a fundraiser or birthday; casino-themed parties are sure to give the guests the time of their lives.  Recognizing the popularity of casino parties and how much guests love them, many companies have begun to organize these events for their employees. They have stepped out of the mainstream corporate events and are now giving their employees something they truly enjoy.

The reason employees love casino parties is because they are completely different from company picnics and other parties where there is nothing that can entertain them. At a casino parties, employees can play casino games like roulette, poker, blackjack, craps, money wheel, etc., they can win different kinds of prizes, challenge their colleagues, eat their favorite food, drink vodka and dance to the sound and beat of music. There is no other corporate party that can provide this much entertainment to your employees.

Have we piqued your interest in casino parties? Do you want to throw the perfect casino party for your employees that they all will love? To help you organize a perfect casino party for your employees, we’ve compiled a list of tips that will help you plan this big event and ensure that nothing goes wrong.

1. Set Your Budget

The first thing you must do is decide on your budget. Costs can mount as you move forward with planning so it is important to set your budget early; otherwise, you will end up breaking the bank in hopes of throwing the perfect casino party for your employees.

If you have a high budget, we recommend that you go all-out with professional catering, elaborate decorations, professional props, a marquee, professional dealers, hired waiters and help, and include as many casino games as you can. However, if you are low on budget and don’t want to spend too much on your employees, go easy on the decorations, ask your staff members to volunteer as dealers for the games, and include only a few entertaining casino games.

2. Pick a Venue

Casino parties can be organized out in the open, but if the weather is not on your side, don’t pick an outdoor venue for this big event. Stay on the safe side and choose an indoor venue that can accommodate your guests.

3. Don’t Forget the Theme

Some people think that they don’t need a theme for a casino party. They are mistaken! A theme is essential for a casino party and if you follow through on it, it will knock the socks off your employees when they enter the party. You can choose glitzy Vegas-style theme or go with a Texas Hold’em Poker style party with chips, cards and leveled playing zones. If you wish to bring sophistication and class to your casino party, go with a Casino Royale.

4. Get the Invitations Ready

Your invitations should tie in the theme. When inviting your employees, convey to them the theme of your event and the dress code. If you are planning a Casino Royale party, ask your male employees to dress up in black and white with a black bow to augment the theme while women should take this opportunity to take their most glamorous dresses and sparkling jewelry out.

5. Decorations to Go with the Theme

After you have decided the theme and invitations, the next thing you need to do is turn your space into a casino. Make the best of what you got. Cover the tables with green, black and red tablecloths to give your party a real casino feel. Throw in props like chips, lights and cards. Turn doors into playing cards or make your own gigantic dice with the help of cardstock or Styrofoam cubes. There are many possibilities for decorations — let your imagination lose and you may come with something extraordinary on your own.

6. Games Matter the Most

The most important part of casino parties is the casino games. You can’t afford to go wrong with them. It is essential to choose the games that all your employees will love to play so that everyone can have fun. Blackjack and Poker are incredibly popular. Multiple players can play these games so your employees won’t have to wait long for their turn.

In addition to Blackjack and Poker, you could also include roulette, baccarat and money wheel. This will allow all your employees to participate and play the games they are good at.

You can hire a casino party planning company to bring all casino games to your casino party and offer your employees a variety of entertaining games to play. Alternatively, if wish to go DIY, you could set up different zones for dice games, poker and other card games.

The gaming equipment can also be rented at an affordable price. Some of the most popular and least expensive rental tables include poker, and blackjack tables. Roulette wheel or craps table costs a little more. However, while only six to eight players can play blackjack and poker at a time, a craps table is able to accommodate twelve to fifteen players at once.

7. You Will Need Dealers too

You can’t expect all your employees to know the rules of casino games — some of them may have never gone to a casino before. Therefore, you need dealers for games.

Professional dealers can help keep the games fun and provide instructions to guests who are unaware of the rules of casino games. If you have the budget, hire professional dealers to enhance the overall gambling experience of your guests. If you cannot foot the bill for professional dealers, then get someone from your staff who is familiar with casino games and rules to play the role of a dealer and make sure everyone is aware of the rules of the games.

8. Funny Money

Casino games in a casino party are not played with real money; rather, funny money is used. Print up some fake money with your company logo on the bills. At the end of the evening, offer your guests prizes like gift cards in exchange for their winnings.

9. Turn up the Volume

A perfect casino party is incomplete without the perfect playlist. Create a playlist with songs about Vegas, gambling and casino. Let your employees dance to the sound of music and create an enchanting Las Vegas experience.

10. Don’t Keep them Hungry

All those casino games and intense gambling will make your employees hungry. Since there will be cards and chips in their hands, serve finger foods like canapés, which won’t leave the dice and cards slippery.

11. Turn On the Party with Drinks

Can you imagine a casino party that is short on drinks? A few cans of soda or beer and a few bottles of wine will not be enough. From whisky to gin, beer to champagne, get it all stocked up for your casino party to keep your employees in the mood for the whole evening.

These are all the things you need to focus on when planning a casino party for your employees. If you wish to make the casino party perfect and offer a memorable time to your employees, don’t miss out on any of the things we have highlighted above. We know it can be hard to focus on all these aspects of planning a perfect casino party and if you don’t have any experience in organizing these kinds of parties, you will find it very hard to make your casino party absolutely perfect. Don’t fret, there is a way you can organize a perfect casino party for your employees where all these things will be taken care of.

All you need to do is contact 4S Casino Party and we’ll take care of the rest. At 4S Casino Party, we can bundle casino games, theme, décor, music, dancing and elegant catering into your party while making it affordable to you. We provide gaming equipment, professional dealers, delivery and set-up, and anything else you need to make a casino party perfect. In a nutshell, we can help you organize the best casino party for your employees – one they will remember all their life!

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Reward Your Employees with a Casino Party

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Your employees work so hard for you, day in and day out. As the manager of an organization, you may already be letting your employees know how much you value their hard work and how valuable their contributions are for the company by praising their work. While offering important responsibilities, giving incentives and praising team members are all good ways to appreciate the efforts of your employees, sometimes they fail to increase the morale of your employees. Sometimes, you have to step out of the box and think of more creative ways to reward your employees.

Can you think of a creative way to celebrate the efforts of your employees, reward them and show them how much they mean to your company? That’s right: by organizing a party to appreciate their efforts. But, it shouldn’t be a mainstream pure corporate party where the event begins with a boring speech (that no one wants to hear), then the employees fill up on the food and drinks and at the end awards are distributed to appreciate the efforts of your employees. Let’s face it; nobody wants these kinds of parties anymore. Employees want to have fun, they want to escape the corporate themes and do something exciting. So, why not give them what they want? How? By organizing a casino party!

Casino parties are all the rage right now and for good reason. They are completely different from the mainstream corporate parties and are great for bringing people together for a memorable experience. There’s nothing quite like the adrenalin experience that a casino party provides. But, how will it benefit you, your employees and the company as a whole? Let’s explore the answer!

Casino Parties Help in Team Building

Although your employees spend a majority of their time with their work colleagues, they probably don’t know each other on a more personal level. When employees don’t interact with one another, they fail to work together on group tasks. As a result, team projects take more time to complete and the productivity of your company suffers.

Casino parties can bring people closer and promote communication between employees-especially those who are too shy to reach out and interact with others. It also provides people from different departments to become familiar with their colleagues working for the same company and helps build trust and confidence amongst them.

Casino Parties Highlight Strengths of Your Employees

Casino parties also provide you an opportunity to assess individual strengths and skills of your employees. For example, in a poker game, you might see one of your employee taking excessive risks with their eyes set on a big prize. You’ll know that you have a competitive individual in your team and you can give him/her ambitious tasks where certain level of risk is involved. Or, you might find a master strategist in your team and realize that he/she can take on more complex tasks. This way you can better use the skills and talent of your employees.

You might be thinking that you can just gauge your employees at the office, instead of finding about their talents at a casino party. But at a casino party, the playing field is completely different and employees may resort to their natural talents during the games, giving you a better chance to assess their nature and strengths.

Casino Parties are Fun

All games at a casino party are fun, especially poker. Poker tournaments are great for increasing the interaction between your employees and bringing them together. Everyone gets a chance to put their skills to the test and play. Once an employee will be knocked out, they won’t exit the table, but rather stick around to watch how their co-workers fight to become the tournament champion. You may be playing against your employees and may even get beaten by your juniors. There are no hierarchies at a casino party and everyone comes together for a great time.

Casino Parties Help with Employee Retention

A casino party will help you retain your valuable employees. In many workplaces, expensive training is required before an employee can contribute to the bottom line of the business, which makes employee retention extremely important. A casino party shows appreciation of your employee’s contributions to your company. Appreciated employees will prefer to work in your company instead of looking for other options; therefore, you won’t have to worry about retaining trained employees.

Casino Parties Increase Cooperation

Those who play together, stay together! Yes, it true and a little competition at the casino party games will foster better cooperation among your employees. Those isolated cubicles at the office don’t give employees an opportunity to socialize. Casino parties are a great way to break the barrier and help employees cooperate for a friendlier working environment where everyone would love to work.

Casino Parties Help Keep the Morale High

For the success of your business, it is important that you keep the morale of your employees high. When the morale of your employees is high, they will put more effort into the work. Research shows that higher morale in an organization increases productivity and decreases off days. A casino party can help increase the morale of your employees as it shows to them that you appreciate their efforts and are willing to give them a day off from work for an exciting and fun night.

Casino Parties Leave Lasting Memories

While you may think that the best way to reward your employees is cash, it’s only effective for the short-term. On the other hand, a casino party will give your employees something to remember for a life time and they’ll leave with memories of winning the entertaining casino games or valuable prizes.

Now that you know the benefits of a casino party, you must be thinking about organizing one for your employees to reward them for their hard work. But first, go through these tips that you must always keep in mind when planning a casino themed party for your employees.

A Casino Party should be Fun, Not a War Zone

Remember, the purpose of the casino party is to provide a memorable and fun experience to your employees. You don’t want the casino games to turn the party into an all-out war where accounting department is engaged in a bizarre confrontation with the HR over losing a blackjack game. That’s why real gaming should never be permitted during a casino party. There would be no way for your employees to bond with each other if everyone plays for themselves.

Funny money should be offered during a casino party to ensure that the employees stay away from competitive urges. At the end of the night, everyone can return their imitation winning for simple prizes.

Choose the Games Wisely

All the games in the casino party should be chosen wisely. You should include enough options for your employees to offer them a unique experience and rotate the games to ensure no one gets bored. However, know this that if too many games are offered, your employees may become isolated from each other while being indulged in the games. If this happens, your casino party will lose its purpose of increasing cooperation and bringing your employees closer.

We recommend starting with a craps table, blackjack table and money wheel that will serve as the centerpiece of the party. Individual games of poker can be also be included to present a challenge to more experienced gamblers and allow your employees to bond while competing in an intense challenge. Slot machines should not be included at a company casino party as they are generally individual activities and will take the employees away from each other.

Include Everyone in the Games

Make sure to include everyone in the fun. There may be some employees in your company who have never been to a casino and are unaware of the rules of a single game at the casino party. For such employees, there should be professional dealers who can provide the rules of play and ensure that all your employees understand and adhere to the rules.

These are a lot of things to focus on and it will be hard to plan a casino party if you try to organize it on your own. Therefore, we suggest you let 4 Suits Casino Party take care of planning a casino themed party of your employees. We are the Bay Area’s only Award Winning Casino Party Planers, thus it goes without saying that there’s no one else you shout trust for a corporate casino party than 4 Suits Casino Party.

We can provide equipment, dealers, delivery and set-up, and anything else you will need to make a casino night exciting and complete. Our professional dealers are available for all games and will be there to help keep the games fun, provide instructions, and make sure your casino party is a memorable one and all employees enjoy a great night. To learn more give us a call at (408) 298-3001 or use our Free Quote Form.

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