A Guide to Casino Parties

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Recently, casino parties have become quite popular within the United States and other parts of the world. Many people are looking to host casino parties to bring their family members or friends together for a fun time. We have prepared this guide for people who wish to organize a casino party for their friends, family members or even their employees.

This casino party guide is jargon-free and focuses on essential aspects of organizing a casino party. While knowledge of a few casino games is helpful, it isn’t necessary to understand this guide. Putting together a successful casino party requires hard work, but it doesn’t involve learning about casino games.

This casino event guide will help you plan and organize casino parties. But before that, let us look at the basics.

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A Casino Party

In a casino party, guests can experience the excitement and fun of playing casino games in a live casino. However, they don’t have to go to Las Vegas to enjoy casino fun; a casino party brings Las Vegas to them.

Casino parties can be organized for different occasions from fundraisers to corporate events and conventions and birthday parties. Authentic casino game tables are featured at these events similar to the ones found in real casinos. Moreover, professional dealers can be hired to run the casino games and make the guests aware of the rules of the game.

When guests arrive at the casino party, they are given a certain amount of fake chips that they can use to play casino games they like. The major difference between playing at a real casino and a casino party is that no gambling is involved in games played at a casino party. Fake chips or funny money is used for playing casino games which have no real cash value and exist for the purpose of entertainment only. Fake chips can be printed with company logo to raise brand awareness. However, just because there is no gambling doesn’t mean that there are no winners. Players can still win different prizes at a casino party if they can beat others in a game. What you give your guests as a prize depends on you. You can offer them gift cards or organize a dinner for the winners if you’re holding a corporate casino party.

Prizes at casino parties can be awarded in four ways. These include:

Prize Draft

When the casino party ends, the player who has the most chips can get the first pick from a pool of prizes. The runner up can get the second pick while the third pick would be of the third place winner.

Raffle Drawing

When the event is over, players can return their chips and get raffle tickets in return at a specific exchange rate. For example, they can be given 2 raffle tickets for every 100 chips. They can then place their tickets in a special raffle drum where tickets of winning prize are drawn.

High Score

When the casino party ends, the player who has the most chips can be awarded with the grand prize and the second place winner can get the second prize.

Penny Social

Penny social is similar to raffle drawing. However, prizes aren’t drawn from a single basket. Rather, there are several baskets and each one represents one prize. Thus, players can win the prizes they like.

Planning Essentials

Before Your Big Day

When planning a casino party, make sure to make all the arrangements beforehand. Book a venue, rent casino tables, hire caterers for food and drinks, and arrange entertainment for your casino party. If you have the budget, hire a professional dealer to run the casino games. Otherwise, ask an experienced gambler to run the tables. Start planning at least three months before your big day so that you can make all the arrangements on time. When you have plenty of time to make arrangements, you’ll be less likely to miss any important planning detail.

When you are making arrangements for a casino party make sure to consider your budget. Prepare a list of the all the expenses you’re likely to incur and make sure they don’t exceed your budget. Don’t hesitate to drop a few things off the list to keep the costs in check.

On Your Big Day

Make sure to arrive at the venue with your team several hours before the party to set up all the casino tables. Call the caterer and make sure that they have prepared the food and are ready to serve it at your party. Make sure that you have enough chips to offer to all your guests throughout the event. Set the limits and games rules on your end if you wish to. At the end of your casino party, award the winners with prizes.

After Your Big Day

If you plan a corporate casino party for your employees, make sure to follow with them and ask them if they enjoyed the casino party. Tell them to provide their suggestions about possible improvements that should be made in the next corporate casino party.

Games You Can Organize

There are several games you can organize for your guests at a casino party. Some of them include:

Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em is the most popular casino game nowadays. You should definitely include it in your casino party as many of your guests would want to play Texas Hold’em poker.


Blackjack, also called ‘twenty-one’ is another popular casino game and is relatively easy to play. Several players can play this casino game at a time and instead of competing against one another; they are required to compete against the dealer.


The number of players that can play roulette typically depends on the dealer. It is a fun casino game where players are provided with chips to place on a specific number of their choice. The dealer will spin the wheel and you’ll win if it lands on the number you chose.

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Craps is an energetic and fast-paced casino game which is loved by almost everyone. At the casino, the craps table would be the one which is surrounded by many gamblers as 16 players can play this game at a time. We recently completed a blog post discussing some great tips for craps. You should check it out if you wish to master craps for your big event.

Table Recommendations

If you are organizing a casino party for fifty guests, you should at least have three casino gaming tables. Otherwise, some of your guests may not a chance to play the casino games.

Entertainment Essentials

Although casino games can provide entertainment to your guests at a casino party, they aren’t enough. Some of your guests may not be interested in playing casino games and they won’t be able to enjoy if you don’t plan any other entertainment for the event. Therefore, make sure to offer a number of entertainment options. For instance, you can organize a comedy show or a fire show for the casino party. Or you can hire a DJ or live band to play some great songs at your party.

Event Photography

Casino party will be a memorable event for you and your friends, family members or employees. Therefore, you should hire a professional photographer to capture the special moments of your casino night. If you can’t afford to hire a photographer, rent a photo booth for your casino party. A photo booth will allow your guests to take photographs and those images will remind them of the great time they had at your event.

Casino parties are a great way to bring your friends, family members or employees together for a fun time. When you are organizing a casino party, follow our complete guide to plan a successful party that all your guests will enjoy. Start planning early and consider your budget when making arrangements. Make arrangements for casino games like craps, poker, roulette etc. and rent several casino tables so that all your guests can get a chance to play. Offer entertainment like a comedy show for guests who might not be interested in playing casino games.

If you are struggling to organize a casino party even after reading this guide or don’t have the time to make the required arrangements, hire a professional casino party planner from 4S Casino Party. We can take care of all the arrangements of your casino party. We can provide casino tables, arrange for food and drink and offer entertainment for your guests. We can set-up everything at your casino party. We can also provide professional dealers to run the games and make sure that your casino party is a memorable one.

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