Essentials Tips for Blackjack

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When gambling, only few people are lucky enough to win. Others often end up losing their fortunes. But, gambling isn’t just about luck, it requires skill too. Those who win casino games usually practice for years before they master the strategies. Like other casino games, Blackjack also requires a mix of luck and skill. Without skill, your odds of winning at Blackjack are very low.

If you are going to play Blackjack at a real casino, it is essential for you to learn the tips and tricks of the game to increase your likelihood of winning. On the other hand, if you plan on playing Blackjack at a casino party organized by your friends or colleagues, you should just learn the rules of the game. That’s because you won’t lose any money if you are playing Blackjack at a casino party. At casino parties, funny money (fake money) is used to play the game so losing doesn’t matter. With that said, let us take a look at some essential tips that will increase your probability of winning Blackjack.

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1. Learn the Blackjack Rules

The most important tip is to learn the rules of the game. If you don’t know the rules, you won’t be able to figure out what you are supposed to do. The aim of this game is to get the value of all the cards you have in your hand close to 21. Getting 21 in the hand means a blackjack while going over it means a bust. Bust means you lose. Getting blackjack means you probably win. Getting blackjack in two cards almost always means a victory.

2. Less Means More

In blackjack, casinos may use between 1 and 8 standard 52 card decks. The fewer the decks used by the casino, the higher will be your odds of winning the game.

3. Do Not Split Two 10’s

The aim of the Blackjack game is to get as close to 21 as possible. That’s why two 10’s is a really good hand. You shouldn’t split two 10’s as it’ll be very hard for the dealer to beat you when you have them.

4. Two 4’s Are Not Be Split Either

Some blackjack players split two 4’s. This is a big mistake. If the 4’s are played as one hand, you are unlikely to bust. The highest you’re likely to get is an Ace which gives you a good hand of 19. If you split the 4’s, you’ll likely end up having a lower value. Thus, your chances of busting will be higher.

5. Do not Split Those Two 5’s

Two 5’s give you the value of 10. That is a decent hand for you to help you get in the higher value between 18 and 21. If you split two 5’s, you’ll end up with a weaker hand if you get a 4, 3 or 2. What’s worse is that you can bust out if you get a six or higher with a weak hand.

6. Split Two Aces

When you play two aces as one hand, your value will be 12. Then, you’ll only be able to make 21 if you’re dealt a 9. If the aces are split, you’ll have four ways of getting a 21 in either of the hands. You could get 21 if you are dealt a King, Queen, Jack or 10.

7. Split two 8’s

16 is the worst possible hand in the game. When you split two 8’s, you’ll have more chance of winning with one hand. Otherwise, you’ll end up standing with a 16 or busting out if you take another hit.

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8. Double Down

Double down can be very risky. Once you have being given your 2 cards, you can double down. Double your starting wager.  The risk comes from the fact that double down means that you’re committing to stand after receiving just one more card. For instance, if you hold a two 2’s and double down and then draw one 10, you’ll be stick with 14. With a 14, it’ll be almost impossible to win. However, double down can also help you win the game. For example, when you double down with a hand of 11, then draw one 10, you’ll likely win the game.

You should double down when you hold a:

  • hand of 11 and anything between 2 and 10 is shown by the dealer
  • hand of 10 and anything between 2 and 9 is shown by the dealer
  • hand of 9 and anything less than 7 is shown by the dealer

9. Insurance

Telling the dealer about wanting another card is very risky. Every hit increases the risk of you going bust. But, you have to take the risk to get to 21. There are a couple of things that can be done to reduce the risk. When the dealer has dealt cards to everyone, but none of the players have checked theirs – all cards face down with the exception of the dealer’s who only has one card face up – you can take insurance. However, insurance can be taken when the card that is faced up is Ace. Insurance is a bet that dealer holds a blackjack. You should take insurance when you hold a blackjack to increase your chance of winning.

10. Early Surrender

Early surrender allows you to surrender your hand before the dealer checks their cards. If you don’t have a good hand, you should opt for an early surrender as that way you’ll only forfeit half of the original wager regardless of what the dealer has.

11. Late Surrender

With a late surrender, you can surrender your hand after the dealer checks to see whether they hold a blackjack. If they hold a blackjack you will not be allowed to surrender meaning you will lose your original wager. If they don’t, you can still claim your original wager.

12. Don’t Get Stiffed

When you have a stiff hand, you can get bust out in just one hit. If the face up card of the dealer is anywhere between 2 and 6, it’s a stiff hand for the dealer. If the first pair of your cards total between 12 and 16, then you have a stiff hand. However, if you hold a 17 or higher, you have a pat hand. You should stand if you have a stiff hand and the dealer also has it.

13. Dealing Showing a 10

If the dealer is showing a 10 while your total is 16, you must hit. Always assume that the dealer holds a ten in the face down card making a total of 20. As 16 is the worst possible hand in the game, hitting on it and hopping for a 5 is usually the best option.

14. Hit When You Hold a Soft 17

Don’t stand when you hold a soft 17 – a 6 and an Ace, totaling 17. A soft 17 is different than a hard 17 and warrants a hit to increase the chance of winning. With a hard 17, you should stand when the dealer has a face up card because that would make you likely to bust.

15. What You Should Stand

There are two times when you should always stand. When you think that the total of your hand will beat the total of the dealer and when you think that the dealer is going to bust out.

Once you have mastered Blackjack by following the advice mentioned above, you’ll be able to win more Blackjack games at the casino. Practice will make you perfect so keep playing the game. You will master the game only after you have played it several times and see everything unfold yourself. Don’t be afraid to lose in the beginning and learn from the mistakes you make. Hopefully, when you follow, the above-mentioned advice, you’ll make fewer mistakes.

If you wish to practice Blackjack with your friends, family members or office colleagues, then going to a real casino isn’t a good option as you’ll likely lose money there. Instead, you should organize a casino party with Blackjack and other fun casino games. When you play Blackjack at a casino party, you won’t have to worry about losing your dollars and you can practice all you want. If you want to organize a casino party, contact 4S Casino Party. We can make all the arrangements and provide equipment and dealers for your casino party for a fun and entertaining evening. Our professional dealers will ensure that your casino party is made right.

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