Throwing a Casino Party? Don’t Forget These 3 Things!

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When people hear about a casino party, they’re looking forward to a thrilling night full of fun, games, drinks and money. Even though Las Vegas is the hub of world-famous casinos, it’s quite possible to arrange casino parties in your own city. All you need to do is make sure all your arrangements and preparations are on point because the guests are expecting to be amazed beyond measure.

From food to décor, everything should be well-coordinated and in sync with the theme for the party. But what is a casino party without bets, table games and cocktails served one after another? If you are going ahead with an idea of a casino party in mind, it’s important to stay true to it and bring out the essence of Caesar’s Palace or the Flamingo in your event.

Here’s what your party shouldn’t lack.

Theme-Based Activities

Since this is a casino party and not an actual casino, you can bend the etiquettes of visiting a casino and work around with creative ideas to make it more entertaining. The key to leading a successful event is to keep your guests engaged from the start till the end. Make sure your party begins with a bang and keeps your guests entertained for the rest of the night. For that you can plan out interesting welcome activities such as a short game of bluff or a card trick at the entrance.

You can inaugurate the party by leading a taste and tell competition where people have to sip a drink with a blindfold and identify the ingredients. Beware: with a starter like this, you’ll be raising the bar of expectations for the rest of the party!

Music and Dance

Remind yourself that not everyone who attends your party will be coming to bet a few hundred bucks. They might just be there to check it out, have some drinks, enjoy the food or dance to the music. Even though it’s a casino party, it doesn’t hurt to have a dance floor at one corner. If players get too tipsy after having too many shots during the table games, they can head over to the floor and dance. Trust us, there’s nothing more fun than drunk dancing or having a rave party with your closest friends after getting rich over a table game.

Table Games

If you’re inviting a mixed lot of guests, chances are most of them wouldn’t be aware of complex table games or still be novices in that field. Lengthy explanations and trials bore out players who are there to try their luck and not listen to a lecture. It’s important that you make smart choices for the table games to make the party inclusive for everyone. Select games that are exhilarating and don’t require prior experience or skills from first-timers. Of course, you want your guests to have fun and not feel ashamed for not knowing the deal. Some classic choices of simpler table games include roulette, blackjack and even poker.

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