How to Organize a Hollywood-Themed Casino Party

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The sophistication and glamour of Hollywood is almost irresistible. Usually, red carpet Hollywood events are thought of as extremely formal occasions featuring celebrities, fashion models, famous athletes, heads of state or politicians. Some of the most renowned Hollywood events include movie premiers, Oscars and sporting award ceremonies.

The truth is that a Hollywood event can be celebrated at any occasion and you can organize a Hollywood-themed casino party event even in your own backyard (if it’s really big). Hollywood-themed parties are organized by many people these days and they’re becoming more common. So, we suggest you add a little twist to them and organize a Hollywood-themed casino party. There are few details that separate a Hollywood-themed casino party from other red carpet events. So, in this post, we will show exactly what you need to do to plan an amazing Hollywood casino party.

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1. Invitations

First things first: prepare the invitations for your Hollywood casino party to tell the Guests that your game event is worth attending.  Decide whether you would invite the Guests via email or send them a snail mail. Remember that an invitation should include the event date, event start time, venue, and dress code. There are companies that can design and follow-up on your Hollywood invitations or you can just create them yourself. If you are designing the invitation yourself, make sure to get creative with them. You can shape the invite like a film canister or a star. Inside the envelope, sprinkle tiny stars or confetti.

2. Dress Code

The focus of Hollywood events has always been on fashion. Your casino party should focus on that, too. Consider making it a black-tie event – tell the men to wear tuxedos while women can shine in sparkling high-end gowns. To make things more interesting, you can ask the guests to dress up as their favorite Hollywood Actors and Actresses. The dress code is completely up to you; but make sure to choose something that reflects the glitz and glam of Hollywood.

3. Red Carpet

Naturally, a Hollywood casino party needs a red carpet. Place a large red carpet leading to your venue so that your guests can feel like they are attending a real Hollywood event when they walk on the carpet. To make that walk more special, rent some velvet posts and ropes to place on the sides of the red carpet. Ask some of your burly colleagues to play the role of security guests.

To make your casino party even more interesting, have a Celebrity Look-a-like act as the interview of the red carpet. Also, hire a Photographer to record the entry and interview of your Guests so that your casino party feels like a real Hollywood event.

4. Step and Repeat

A Hollywood casino party is incomplete without a Step and Repeat Banner. Don’t know what that is?  The appealing backdrop with logos and slogans in front of which Celebrities stand to get their sizzling photos taken at red carpet events is called ‘Step and Repeat’. These banners are used for capturing images of Celebrities and noteworthy individuals with logos of sponsors behind them.

You must have this banner at your Hollywood-themed casino party to create that red carpet experience. You can customize the banner to reflect your party. Consider adding small images of gambling chips, cards, dice and anything else that’s related to a casino. Your guests will feel special when they are photographed against your customized Step and Repeat Banner and they’ll know they are attending something worth their time.

5. Décor

Décor is extremely important for your Hollywood themed casino party. To create a unique, cinematic environment, mount posters of famous Hollywood Stars and top blockbusters on the walls of the venue. You can also place some cardboard cutouts of the same to provide photo opportunities to your Guests. Decorate the tables with gaming cards and red lamps. Use star-shaped balloons to energize the space.

6. Food and Drinks

After your Guests have walked into the venue, greet them with champagne flutes. To add a touch of class and beauty to your Hollywood casino party, rent a champagne fountain that will allow your Guests to help themselves. For the food, consider serving Cheese Balls and Lobster Mac as starters. For the main course, go with grilled Beef, Chicken or Fish Fingers that your Guests can easily eat while playing the casino games. Desserts can include Cookies, Chocolate Brownies, or any other hand-held Dessert.

7. Casino Games

You must make proper arrangements for casino games. Rent plenty of casino game tables so that everyone gets their turn and offer a variety of games to your Guests. Some popular casino games you can include in your Hollywood-themed casino party are Blackjack, Texas Hold ‘em Poker, Roulette, Craps and Baccarat.

While you can get away with not hiring professional Dealers at normal casino parties, you absolutely need them to run the tables at your Hollywood casino party. Your party would lack professionalism and style of Hollywood if Dealers aren’t there to supervise the casino games.

8. Entertainment

While casino games are present, you still need to make arrangements for additional entertainment, as some of your Guests might not fancy playing games. To make the event more entertaining for everyone, hire Fire Performers, Comedians, <agicians, or Breakdancers. Since it’s a Hollywood party, you can also hire Celebrity Impersonators to add to the theme.

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9. Music

A perfect Hollywood-themed casino party needs music. Create a good playlist with songs related to casino, gambling and Las Vegas. Also, make sure there’s enough space for your Guests to dance to the beat. Let them ignite your casino party with their moves.

10. Little Extras

To make your Hollywood casino party more memorable for the Guests, give each of them a bag filled with goodies that they can take home with them. You can fill the bag with playing card-shaped cookies, a deck of cards and even include the photos that were taken earlier on the red carpet and in front of the Step and Repeat Banner. That way, Guests will remember your party long after it is over.

11. Check Everything

Once you are done with planning out all the details for your Hollywood-themed casino party, check everything just to ensure you are good to go.  Check the invitations, the décor, the red carpet, the menu and the casino games and entertainment you’ve planned. Make sure to prepare yourself to handle any issue that may arise on the day of the event and have a Plan B to tackle unforeseen situations.

A Hollywood-themed casino party is perfect for special occasions like birthdays, sweet sixteens, Christmas, Easter or any other occasion. You’ll be able to offer your Guests the glamour of Hollywood combined with the fun of a casino party. To successfully pull off a Hollywood-themed casino party, follow the tips we have mentioned above. Prepare and send invitations to the Guests, tell them about the dress code, place a red carpet at the entrance leading to your venue, make things interesting with the décor and offer food and drinks. Don’t forget to make arrangements for casino games, entertainment and music for your Hollywood-themed casino party.

There are many people out there who struggle to organize simple casino parties, let alone plan a Hollywood-themed casino event. If you are one of those and think that you don’t have what it takes to organize a great Hollywood-themed casino party, get help from the pros. There are professional casino party planners out there – well-versed in casino party management – who can help you plan a successful Hollywood-themed casino party. At 4S Casino Party, we can hook you up with planning a successful casino party.

Our professional casino party planners know the nitty-gritty of casino event planning. They have organized great casino parties for several Clients. If you want to benefit from their experience, reach out to us. They’ll make all the arrangements for your Hollywood-themed casino party following your requirements.

Sending invitations, decorating the venue to reflect Hollywood, organizing food and drinks and making arrangements for casino games and entertainment will all be their responsibility. Our professional casino party planners will take the burden off your shoulders to ensure that you and your Guests enjoy the party! You won’t have to worry about anything going wrong and your party turning into a disaster when you leave everything to the professionals at 4S Casino Party.

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