How to Choose the Right Venue for a Casino Party

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When it comes to planning a casino party, one of the most difficult decisions is where the party will be. From rooftops to hotels, and community centers, there are many different venues that can be chosen for a casino party which makes the selection process more complicated.

A venue can make or break your casino party. Therefore, when you are in charge of planning a casino party, you must make sure to select a venue that appeals to your guests. You may struggle to choose the right venue for your casino party if it is your first time organizing one. You may not know what to look for in a venue for a casino party. Therefore, we have prepared this guide to help you choose the perfect venue for your casino party.

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Things to Look For In A Casino Party Venue

In order to choose the right venue for a casino party, it is essential to know the things one should look for in a casino party venue. Location, capacity and size of the venue are a few important things to consider. You essentially want a location that’s easy to reach for your guests, has ample parking space to accommodate the vehicles of your guests and the size is appropriate enough to accommodate all your guests.

You should also determine what the venue can offer like alcohol, catering and entertainment, and what will be required from outside vendors. In order to figure out such minor details, you must research different locations. Visit potential venues and ask the manger about what they offer. This will help you whether the venue is right for you or not. Below is a list of questions that you should ask the venue manager before you decide to commit to a venue.

1.    Is Alcohol and Catering Offered?

Most venues provide catering and alcohol so you won’t have to hire an outside vendor to arrange foods and drinks for your casino party. Depending on your needs, the caterer of the venue would be fine. However, if you have some special menu requirements that the caterer of the venue cannot fulfill, you may have to hire an outsider caterer. In some venues, outside caterers are not allowed. Therefore, you should ask the venue manager whether they allow an outside caterer or not. If they say no, it means that you’ll have to find another venue that allows outside caterers.

Also, ask the venue manager whether they have waiters that can take orders of drinks from guests at the casino tables and deliver it to them while they make their bets.

2.    What Is the Venue’s Total Capacity?

Capacity for a casino event venue is divided into two categories: standing and seating. If you are planning to have a sit-down dinner at your casino party, you must have enough seats and tables for all the guests. However, if you plan to have a buffet in which guests will be taking the food with them to eat at casino game tables, then you should limit the number of tables. This will ensure that the area doesn’t become too crowded.

In a casino party, the placement of casino game tables and the location of food and drinks station are also crucial. There should be enough space between casino tables and food tables to allow servers and guests to easily move between them.

3.    Can I Check Everything in the Venue?

All venue managers should allow you to check everything in the venue. You should do a walk-through of the venue to ensure that the event venue suits your needs. You should also ask the venue manager to offer some food items for sampling. Sampling the food will allow you to determine the taste and quality of the caterer.

4.    Are There Extra Lights or Heaters Available?

If you are holding a casino party outside and at night, you’ll obviously need extra lighting to ensure that the guests can play the casino games. Even if you’re planning to hold a casino party during the day time, you may require outdoor lighting if the visibility isn’t perfect.

If you are planning a casino party during winter months, you’ll have to provide a warm environment to the guests. So, make sure that the venue you are planning to rent has heaters. Also, during winter months, it will be best to rent an indoor space for your casino party as the air outside will be extremely cold.

5.    What Will Happen if the Weather Turns Bad?

If you are planning to hold a casino party in an outdoor space, you should ask the venue manager whether they have tents or alternate space available to accommodate your party if it snows or rains. If the alternate space or tents are available to accommodate your guests in case of bad weather, ask if these arrangements will cost you more.

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6.    Is Entertainment Offered?

Ask the venue manager whether there are any entertainment options available to choose from. Some venues may have their own performers that can entertain your guests while others will require you to hire entertainers from outside.

Cost of the Venue

Once you have asked the above mentioned questions from the venue manager and determined the things potential venues are offering, it is time to consider your budget. You must choose a venue that’s within your budget. The venue managers will tell you the cost of the venue and you can use this figure to determine whether the venue is affordable or not. If the venues you searched are out of your budget, you’ll have to consider other more affordable ones.

Casino Game Tables

A casino party is obviously incomplete without casino games. Thus, you’ll have to determine what kind of casino games you should add to your casino party and whether the venue has enough space to accommodate those games. If the venue isn’t large enough, you’ll only be able to rent a few casino game tables.

If you are inviting a large number of guests to your casino party, you’ll need to rent a bigger space to ensure that there are enough casino game tables for all your guests to play the games. If a large venue is out of your budget, then you’ll have to hold back your invitations. You shouldn’t make the mistake of reducing the number of casino game tables at your party because then all your guests won’t get their turn at their favorite casino games.

Check the Reviews

Before you make your final decision to choose a venue for your casino party, consider reading the reviews of other people about the venue. Reviews can help you determine whether the venue truly offers everything it promises. If the majority of people have left positive reviews, it means that the venue could be right for your casino party. If many people have left negative comments about the venue you are planning to rent for your casino party, you should change your decision about the place and find another venue.

You won’t be able to select the right venue of your casino party if you don’t follow the advice provided in this post. Therefore, when you’re searching for potential venue for your casino party, consider all the important things we have highlighted and ask the questions we have listed from the venue manager. This will help you determine everything the venue can offer you for your casino party. You’ll have to search a number of venues before you find the right one. So, don’t give up after just visiting one or two potential venues. Keep searching until you find the perfect one for your casino party.

If you don’t have the time to find a venue for your casino party or can’t focus on all the minor details that are essential to select the right venue, leave this task to professional casino party planners. Professional casino party planners can find a venue for your casino party according to your requirements. When it comes to a professional casino party planner, there is no one else to trust but the 4S Casino Party.

At 4S Casino Party, we can find the right venue for your casino party to make your event memorable. Not only that, we can also make all the other arrangements including catering, casino equipment, delivery and set-up. We can also provide dealers for casino games to make them more entertaining for your guests.

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