Tips for an Epic Casino Night Birthday

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The milestone birthday of your loved one is near and you have begun to plan a surprise for him/her. There are several ideas in your mind, but they’re all too common and you wish to get out of the mainstream and plan something different that will truly surprise your loved one! What could surprise him/her?

Think! Think! Nothing comes to mind? How about we help you? We guarantee that you’ll thank us later when you see the smile and happiness on the face of your loved one. We recommend you surprise your loved one with a casino themed birthday party!

Casino Themed Birthday Party

Casino themed birthday party brings the Las Vegas experience to the birthday party and creates the ambience of a real casino. The guests can play casino games like Roulette, Black Jack, Money Wheel, Texas Hold’em poker, etc. without losing a single penny since funny money is used in the casino night birthday parties, which can later be exchanged for gifts.

Casino birthday party can be customized according to your preference and style and you can decide the theme/décor, the food to be served, the games that you want to include in the party and the gifts that you want to present to your loved one and guests.

There really isn’t anything like a casino themed birthday party and if you really wish to surprise your loved one and make his/her milestone birthday the most memorable one ever, then we suggest you plan a casino night birthday party for him/her. The question is how do you plan an epic casino night birthday party that truly offers the most memorable experience to your loved one? In this post, we’ll provide some essential tips that will help you throw in the perfect casino themed party birthday for your loved one.

Theme of the Event

The first thing you need to decide is the theme of your event. There are two options to choose from; you can either go with a fun theme or a classic night. Both are great and have several benefits, but obviously the decision depends on your personal style and preference.

Once you have decided the theme, search for rental locations that will best suit your theme. Older buildings more suitable for a fun theme while modern restaurants and clubs are ideal for a classic theme.  If you’re catering through the venue, make sure there is no rental fee. If you decide to arrange catering from outside, then get your rental rate settled with all the details that the venue is providing such as cake cutting, cutlery, decorations, candles or valet services. Also, make sure that the space you are renting is not a common area and is exclusive to you for your event. Many bars rent out a space and still utilize the area for their business. You cannot afford to have your birthday party ruined by strange people at the venue, therefore don’t settle for a place that will be shared by others during your party.


With a casino night birthday party, you can create a real life Las Vegas experience that will make your loved ones and guests feel like they’re in a real casino. It is simple to decorate your birthday party for a casino theme, be it classic or vintage. Go with a hurricane candle setting for a classic theme by adding casino dice, chips and cards to the tables. Hurricanes, vases or other items may be available at the venue and you can use them to decorate the place without spending extra money.

Hire a Photographer

You can’t miss out on capturing the moments at your loved one’s milestone birthday party. You must hire a photographer to record the moments at the epic casino themed birthday party. Most photographers will charge a normal event rate for a casino themed birthday party and you’ll get hundreds of images that you can share with your guests. Everything will happen so quickly and the time will pass by, but those photos will treasure the memories that you can enjoy forever.

The Cake!

Have a cake designed by a bakery to highlight the theme of the casino birthday party. The cake should match the overall theme and décor of your event so make sure you deal with professional bakers who can guarantee the perfect design of the cake. You should also add some casino theme cookies and candies to the decorations. You can get casino themed treats online as there are several websites offering them at an affordable price.


When it comes to casino themed birthday party, you cannot afford to go wrong with the casino games. If the casino games are too complicated, your guests won’t be able to play them and they’ll lose all their time in learning the rules of the game rather than actually playing. So choose the casino games that are simple and fun. We recommend you go with the classic games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Poker.

These games are not only simple but are also easy to set up and the equipment required to play them is not too expensive. If you plan to include poker at the casino themed birthday party, then give out poker hand ranking charts to your guests so that the newbies can understand how poker actually works.

If you have the budget, you should also consider hiring professional dealers who can run the tables for the casino night birthday party. Professional dealers not only run the game, but also make sure that everyone is entertained. Having a professional dealer can provide the most realistic Las Vegas experience. Check the internet to search for dealers and compare the rates.

If you are short on budget and cannot afford real dealers, then get some of your friends who are well versed in the rules of casino games to play the role of dealers and make sure everyone understands the rules of casino games.

Food and Drinks

Refreshments are an important part of a casino themed birthday party. Since your guests will be engaged in tables as well as mingling, we suggest you go with finger foods. Set up a table with various Hors d’oeuvres so that your guests can grab and go. As for the drink, it depends on whether you want to serve alcoholic beverages or not. Wine and beer are budget-friendly and good for a self-serve bar. But, if you want to serve liquor, make sure to have a bartender who can serve the drinks.

Know your Budget

If you’re going to throw an epic casino night birthday party for your loved one, it is going to cost you some money. Renting venue, catering, hiring dealer, buying food and drinks, renting equipment for games, decorating the venue — it all adds up. You must decide your budget early on and then plan accordingly to ensure that your event is a success.

The tips that we have highlighted above can help you plan an epic casino birthday party for your loved one that will surprise them and provide them the most memorable experience of their life. We know you are thinking that this is a lot of planning and work and you cannot focus on all these things without an extra hand. It is true: planning a perfect casino night themed birthday party is not easy and if anything goes wrong, you can ruin the special occasion of your loved one.

For this reason, at 4S Casino Party, we offer assistance with all the planning for your casino night birthday party including venue, catering, theme, décor, photographers, themed cakes and sweets and all kinds of casino games.

We will make special considerations for your loved one so that they are distinguished on their special day and have the most memorable time of their lives. We have arranged casino parties in homes, clubhouses, hotel banquets, restaurants and other locations which can be rented.

4S Casino Party can provide gaming equipment, dealers, food and beverages, music, and anything else you need to make a casino night birthday party exciting. Our professional dealers are all highly experienced and will be available throughout the party to provide instructions and keep the games fun.

The best thing about working with 4S Casino Party for your casino themed birthday party is that we have organized several casino birthday parties for guests and know exactly the theme, décor, games and food and beverages that appeal to guests at a casino birthday party. Therefore, when you hire 4S Casino Party; the Bay Area’s only Award Winning casino party planners, you can rest assure that your casino birthday party will be a success and your loved one will never forget his/her milestone birthday.

So, don’t spend countless hours and money needlessly and benefit by receiving a full casino night package! Want to Learn More? Please give us a call at (408) 298-3001 or use our Free Quote Form.

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