A Short Guide on Casino Etiquette

A Short Guide on Casino Etiquette

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If you’re heading out to a casino for the first time, you might find yourself wandering around its open rooms and confused about how to play its games. You won’t even have someone guide you through the dynamics of it, rendering it important for you to do your research beforehand to avoid looking like a noob.

Many casinos have a specific set of rules and regulations that must be followed in all circumstances. Regular visitors will know these on the tip on their fingers, but if you’re new to the casino, you’ll most definitely have to learn some basic casino etiquettes.

Here is a short guide on casino etiquettes:

Cut down on the alcohol

If you want to go all-out with drinking, you’re better off headed to a club. You want to look classy in a casino, and be sober enough to play your games. Not doing so can also make you lose valuable money and ruin your chances of winning.

Have a few cocktails and enjoy the light buzz, and keep those endless shots for later!

Avoid asking the dealers for advice

They might know the real stuff, but you probably don’t want to make them feel responsible for your loss. If you follow their professional tips and end up losing a game, they’ll have no way to know how you’ll take it or if you’ll take it personally.

You might also want to consider tipping them, regardless of you winning or losing. This will help you establish a good relationship with the casino staff and they’ll always welcome you when you come back!

Be graceful, even in your defeat

We understand how bad it can feel to lose a game, but you’ve got to understand that it’s completely natural and every gambler goes through it.

Don’t accuse the casino of hosting rigged games or hiring incompetent dealers. Stay calm, excuse yourself, and walk away politely. This will make them respect you more and you won’t end up with a bad reputation at the casino.

Leave your electronics behind

Avoid using your mobile phones on the table when the game is taking place. Not only does it look impolite, but it can distract you as well and ruin your chances of winning.

Walk away from the table to pick up important calls, and make sure you ask the staff if pictures are permissible before taking them.


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