'3' Casino Party Games That Should Definitely Be a Part Of Your Fundraising Event

‘3’ Casino Party Games That Should Definitely Be a Part Of Your Fundraising Event

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If you’re planning a fundraising event, you need to make it appealing and fun for your guests. Not only will this attract more people to your cause, it will also help you promote your business.

Casino party games are an audience favorite and are always fun to participate in. They’re interesting, they’re dynamic and there’s always something new you can bring to the table. Incorporating casino party games in your fundraising event will encourage more people to attend, and they’ll have fun while they’re at it.

Below we will list some casino party games that should be part of your fundraising event!

1. Wheel of Fortune

Every party needs the golden wheel and everyone lines up to try their luck at it.

The Wheel of Fortune is simple yet very exciting at the same time it. It consists of a big wheel on the wall that has different portions highlighted with different colors and each color has a prize. The participant spins the wheel with bare hands and waits for the big reveal

A ticker clicks by every revolution it takes and as it slows down the excitement gets even more real. As soon as the ticker stops at the partition the buzzer goes off and the big prize is revealed by number, or is sometimes highlighted on the portion.

It’s a crowd puller and it gives people hope that they too can win that ultimate prize on the wheel board.

2. Roulette

No night or fund raising is complete without the classic roulette board and its glorious magical ball. It’s a simple game of chance that involves placing bets on the number of your choice.

Once you place your bet on the number board the ball is released onto the spinning wheel, which then decides the fate of the game by choosing the slot of its choice. Certain numbers are a big no-no on the wheel, which might take away all the winnings.

The number cash prizes can also be replaced with numerous gifts and coupons.

dart games

3. Dart Poker

We have all come across dart games either in a fundraiser or a fun fare. This particular game has a deck of cards pinned out on flat vertical boards. All you need to do is buy a dart and try your luck.

The best hand that is made out of five chances of aiming and striking at the board wins the prize.

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