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Essential Tips for Craps

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Craps is a popular casino game and a favorite of millions of people across the world. Many people say that craps is the game of pure chance. This means that winning or losing in craps depends on a player’s luck. While it is true that craps is the game of pure chance, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need skills to increase your chances of winning the bet.

Whether or not a player will be able to win and turn a profit depends on their skill level. A skilled craps player knows how they can increase the likelihood of tables turning in their favor. This doesn’t mean that they turn a profit every time, but their probability of succeeding is higher than an unskilled player. If you want to know how to increase your likelihood of succeeding, read these essential tips for craps. Prepare yourself before you go to a casino to roll the dice!

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Maintain Consistency

Practice makes perfect. This saying applies to all aspects of life and it is also applicable to craps. In order to master craps, you must be consistent. You must first understand the rules of the game and then implement them at the table. Craps is a fast-paced game and in the beginning, you may find it very hard to focus on everything happening at the table. You’ll have to memorize the bet types as well as the peculiar lingo. The action and adrenalin rush may prove to be overwhelming at the beginning. But you’ll get used to it as you play the game.

Smaller Bet Units Are Ideal

The size of the bet units depends on the player’s starting bankroll. When you start playing craps, remember to avoid using higher bet units. Even if you have a large bankroll, use smaller bet units. The reason is that it is very easy to lose money in craps. If you are playing at a real casino, you may quickly lose all your valuable dollars. On the other hand, if are rolling the dice at a casino party, there’s nothing to worry about as fake money is used in craps played at casino parties.

If you have just started playing craps and haven’t mastered the strategies and skills required to win, use the smallest possible bet units. Otherwise, your session will end after several losing bets, as you’ll have no money to bet with. It is recommended that players only use betting units that amount to 1 percent of their bankroll.

Set a Specific Time Limit

Some players stay glued to the craps table no matter what happens. Whether they are losing or winning, they won’t quit until they run out of all their money or become a millionaire. That is no way to play craps. A craps player should know when to quit and part with their profits or to save themselves from more loss.

This is why you should set a specific time limit when playing craps. For example, tell yourself that you’ll play for an hour or half. Then, once your limit up, just collect the chips and walk away from the table. This is how you can save yourself from incurring a major loss or secure the profit you have made. The longer you play the game, the higher will be the chance of you losing your dollars.

This rule isn’t easy to follow when you are winning. However, you should know that your winning streak can end anytime. Therefore, don’t play once you have reached the time limit. You should take a break when you’re on a winning streak and clear your head to build up discipline. This will stop you from getting carried away with profits.

Set Aside Your Profits

You should set aside some of your profits to exit the casino on profit. You can take some of the craps chips you’ve won to the cashier and exchange them for cash. You can use the remaining chips to play more, but remember not to waste all the chips in one sitting.

You may be wondering why you should set aside some of the profit when you can use it to win more. Craps is a very risky casino game where players can lose all their money within seconds. If you continuously lose, the losses will get to your head and you’ll try to chase them. You’ll lose your patience and put everything you have on the line. By doing so, you’re unlikely to recover the lost amount, but there is a greater likelihood of you losing more money. Therefore, it is essential to set aside some of your profit.

If you start your session with a $150 bankroll and manage to triple it to $450, you have made a profit of $300. Out of these $300, set aside $150. This will allow you to walk away with profit. You can use the remaining $150 to play more and enjoy the game.

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Only Increase Bet Units When on Profit

Many craps players try to offset their losses by doubling their bet units after each loss. This strategy is ineffective as it can lead to more loss. If a player keeps increasing their bet units while they’re on a losing streak, they’ll quickly run out of chips and won’t have anything left to play with. That’s why you should never increase your bet units if you are losing. Rather, you should decrease them to minimize losses.

You should only increase your bets when you are on a winning streak. However, the rate of increase should be low. This will allow you to generate good profit when you’re on a hot winning streak and also minimize the loss if the dice doesn’t roll in your favor.

Learn How to Use Streaks

Streaks are an important part of craps and of casino gambling. You must know how to exploit them and use streaks to your advantage. You cannot predict the next dice roll, but you should keep track of everything going on at the table to notice a good winning streak. By exploiting the streak, you can join in with your bet and make a good profit.

An important thing you must remember is that even when the dice is rolling in the favor of the players and not the house, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get the same outcome when you place your bet. Therefore, you must follow the previous tips and gradually increase your bets only after winning. The same is applicable to losing streaks. You should never increase your bets to chase your losses.

Stay Wary of the Gambler’s Fallacy

An important thing craps players should remember is that the pattern of the dice cannot be predicted. You can’t determine what the next outcome will be by looking at the previous rolls. Many craps players think that the next roll is influenced by the previous rolls of the dice. This is called Gambler’s Fallacy. The probability of the dice rolls isn’t affected by anything. Having such beliefs can lead to loss in craps. Therefore, stay wary of the gambler’s fallacy. Don’t depend on the previous rolls for the next outcome.

Avoid Consuming Alcohol

Last but certainly not the least, avoid consuming alcohol. In many casinos, complimentary drinks are offered to customers and it is easy to see why. Consuming alcohol clouds the good judgment of players. Craps players may make irrational decisions when they are under the influence of alcohol which they’ll regret when they regain their senses. Therefore, when you are playing craps at a casino, avoid consuming alcohol. However, if you’re playing the game at a casino party or with your friends with fake chips, drink all you want. You don’t have anything to lose when you are playing with fake money.

Final Thoughts

Craps isn’t an easy game to play and even the most experienced players aren’t always successfully able to turn in a profit. Despite of the fact that probability of losing craps is high, you can turn things to your favor through planning and following the advice highlighted above. You can increase your chances of turning in a profit by increasing bet units when you are winning and lower your losses by decreasing them when you are on a losing streak. Remember to keep your emotions in control while playing and never allow the losses to get to your head.

If you wish to invite your friends or family to a craps game to become familiar with it and master your skills, organize a casino party. At a casino party, all your friends can gather and play not just craps but any other casino game that you or they like. If you wish to organize a casino party, give a buzz to 4S Casino Party. At 4S Casino Party, we can make all the arrangements for your casino party and provide casino game tables for craps and other casino games.

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Essential Tips for Poker

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Are you planning to attend a casino party in the near future? Or, are you planning to win big at a real casino? In both cases, you must learn to play different types of casino games that are available at casinos or casino parties. One of the most common games that you’ll find at a casino or casino party is poker.

Poker is not a hard or complicated game. You can learn the basic rules of the game and understand playing which poker hands are the best in minutes. However, mastering poker and turning it into a source of money requires years of practice and hard work.

If you are planning to play poker at a casino party you don’t necessarily have to win since your money is not at stake. At casino parties, real money is not used in any of the casino games. Instead, all games are played with funny money. So, it won’t matter if you lose. However, if you are planning to win big at poker at a real casino, you should try to master the game.

If you wish to learn to play poker and eventually master it, check out the essential poker tips discussed below.

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1. Know the Rules

You obviously can’t expect to win at poker if you don’t know the rules. So, the first thing you must do is learn the rules of the game. Learn the very basics. When you have learned the basic rules, play a few games with your friends to get a hang of the game.

2. Show Aggression

If you wish to beat others at poker, you must bet. Poker is about timed and focused aggression and without aggression, you can’t expect to win. As you begin to play poker and master the basics, you’ll find out that aggression is a must at the poker table. Many new players are too cautious while they are playing poker. They will call when it is the perfect time to raise the bet. They will not bet at the right moment. On strong opening hands such as high pairs, you should be more aggressive. These are good cards to start out with and when you have them, you should try to push out other players who have weaker holdings.

You should try to push as many people as you can out of the pot early. When six people are there in a pot, you have a 17 percent chance of winning. When there are only two left that climbs up to 50 percent.

If you play cautiously, you’ll become a weaker player than the rest at the table. If you raise or bet rarely, stronger players will find out that you are newbie and will start pushing you around. When you bet big, other players at the table will know that you’re holding a solid hand and they will fold.

3. Think About the Cards of Your Opponent

You should be aggressive at the poker table, but that aggression should be timed and focus. You shouldn’t throw away your money on bad hands.

It is essential that you think about your opponents’ hand and not just focus on your own. It is great that you have a solid hand and you should be aggressive with it. However, if your opponent is also showing aggression, it means that they may have a better hand than yours. If you think that’s the case, you should be prepared to fold. It’s a basic poker tip to fold a lot more than you actually play. This may sound boring, but if you wish to win, you must do it. Wait patiently for the right moment to strike.

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4. Go for the Long Term

When you start out playing poker, you are going to experience losses. You may have a pair of Aces and you may go in with it only to be beaten by another player with a pair of 9s. You shouldn’t be discouraged by such losses. You can’t always get the odds to fall in your favor. However, those Aces of yours will provide you with more wins than loses in the long term.

Learning to master poker takes time and you’ll have to play thousands of hands before you get a hang of it. You can only grasp the essentials of the game by playing in real game settings. So, don’t be afraid to lose and consider every loss a valuable lesson that only enhances your poker skills.

5. Be Careful with the Bluff

Bluffing is an important part of poker, but there’s no rule that stipulates that one needs to bluff a certain number of times during the game. Some beginner poker players think that they need to bluff to win. That’s not true. Bluff works in certain occasions and against some players. Therefore, you should be careful with the bluff and only try it when you are certain that it will work.

6. Watch the Cards on the Table

When you are a beginner, it’s enough to just pay attention to your opponents and your own hands. But once you have gotten that down, it is important to pay attention to everything that is going on at the poker table. Watch the cards like a hawk and analyze your opponent’s move to make your next decision.

7. Take Your Time

Poker is not a complicated game, but winning at it isn’t easy. You must weigh several factors to make your next move. You don’t have many choices and you can only choose between calling, checking, folding, raising or betting. But, it isn’t easy to figure out which actions will take you to victory.

Therefore, you should never rush when it is your turn and you are required to make a decision. Take your time and think carefully about the outcome of your decision. Make sure that your emotions don’t influence your decision. Doing this will increase your chances of winning at poker.

8. Avoid Playing at Too-High Limits

People move up to higher limits because they are either winning consistently at lower levels or they wish to impress someone. You shouldn’t play at higher limits because you’ll lose a lot of money if you’re unable to win. At higher limits, you’ll find more skilled players which mean that it will be difficult for you to win. Therefore, settle for lower-limits poker games.

9. Don’t Play When in a Bad Mood

You should never play poker to escape from depression or when you are having a bad day. If you play emotionally instead of playing rationally, you will never be able to win. Likewise, if you happen to lose a big hand during the game and feel that you are going on tilt, get up from your seat and take a deep breath to calm yourself down. Join the game after you have regained control of yourself. It becomes easy for other players to beat you when you allow your emotions to get in the game.

10. Don’t Drink and Play

There are times when you are only playing poker for fun and there is no money involved like in a casino party. But, if you are in a real casino and you are putting your money on the line, don’t drink alcohol. You may feel relaxed after a few drinks, but those drinks will affect your poker playing skills and you won’t be able to concentrate. This will increase your chances of losing the game. Poker isn’t a game that can be played with dulled senses. you need a sharp mind and laser-like focus to win.

11. Keep Learning

While you’ll learn from both losses and wins, you won’t master the game by only playing. You’ll have to learn by reading books and blogs about impressive poker strategies. There are plenty of online sources that you can use to learn different poker strategies and implement them in real settings. Learn from professional players as well and try to follow in their footsteps.

You can also improve your knowledge and skills by playing online. However, when you play online make sure to find the right poker table. Many tables are filled with amateur players who aren’t serious about the game. Lower-stakes tournaments that have buy-ins of minimum $5 usually have more serious players.

Remember when you are starting out, you are bound to lose to more professional players at the table. Don’t be disappointed by those losses. Every professional poker player had to lose thousands of dollars to become an expert. So, keep on playing and one day you’ll become a professional too.

When you have mastered poker, organize a casino party and invite your friends for a poker tournament to show them your skills. For assistance in organizing casino party, contact 4S Casino Party. At 4S Casino Party, we can arrange all sorts of casino games including poker.

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These Casino Games Are a Must for Your Casino Party

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Have you run out of ideas to entertain your employees and lift their morale? Consider stepping out of the mainstream this time around and plan a casino themed party for your employees.

A casino themed party can serve as a perfect ice breaker for your next corporate event. And the best part about casino parties is that no prior experience is required to play casino games — your guests can learn all the games in a safe and relaxed environment — thanks to professional dealers who are available to teach the rules of the games to everyone.

At a casino party, everyone is given the same amount of funny money that can be customized with the logo of your company and even a picture of your employees. Chips can be bought with this money to play casino games. At day’s end, awards or gifts are provided to those who win the games.

A casino themed night party is perfect for treating your employees to a memorable evening. You might have already guessed what the most important aspect of a casino party is, but we’ll mention it again because well, it is so much fun! The most important aspect of a casino themed party is casino games. Obviously, without casino games there can be no casino party. Therefore, you need to include all the important casino games for your guests to have a great time at your casino night themed party.

We’ve compiled a list of all the important casino games that you must include in your casino party.

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1.   Craps

Craps is one of the best casino games for a casino night party. Those who are unfamiliar with the game may find it complicated and hard. In this game, a player rolls the dice and the outcome of the dice decides whether the player wins or loses. In craps, players themselves decide their fate as they are spinning the marble. However, in other casino games someone else usually rotates the wheel or deals the cards for them.

In Craps, the player who must place a bet before game’s first roll is called the shooter. If a certain player wants to become a shooter, then the bet must be placed by him/her on the ‘Pass Line’ or ‘Don’t Pass Bar’. Since the dice passes in clockwise direction, players must wait for their turn to play as a shooter.

Craps is a single or multiplayer game that is best explained as a game that involves multiple rounds and the first roll in a round is called Come-Out-Roll. This round’s duration depends on the number of turn. The shooter is a player who is rolling the dice. Each player in a craps game places their bets on the same dice roll, whether they are other players or the shooter.

2.   Roulette

Roulette is a casino wheel game in which players either place their bet on colors (black or red) or on numbers. These numbers are either odd or even. To determine the number or color that wins, the wheel is spun in one direction and the ball is spun in the opposite direction by the croupier/dealer. The ball loses momentum slowing and falls on the wheel into any color or number from 1 to 37.

In the Roulette table, there are betting areas that consist of outside and inside areas. In the outside area, there are red or black and odd or even or other group of numbers. On the table, the numbers are arranged in twelve rows of three numbers.

The numbering on roulette wheel pockets goes from 0 to 36. In the numbers from the range of 1-10 and 19-28, all odd numbers have red color while all even numbers are black. In the numbers from the range of 11-18 and 29-36, all odd numbers have black color while all even numbers are red. There is also a green pocket number zero (0) and the second green pocket marked 00.

Roulette has simple rules and it is quite easy to play. When you include roulette in your casino night themed party, both beginners and experienced players can participate with similar chances of winning. In most other casino game, the saying ‘practice makes perfect’ applies, but not in Roulette. Players with good luck will walk away with the prize.

3.   Blackjack

Blackjack is popularly known as “Twenty-One”. Blackjack is one of the most exciting card games. It has been popular since the World War I and it is said that the game was played in France back in 1760 where it was called the Vingt-et-Un. The game’s objective is to achieve a final score higher than that of the dealer without exceeding twenty-one.

Player is on the dealer’s left when the play begins. The player has several choices available. These include:

Stand: Player doesn’t take any card during a draw round.

Double: Player gets another card by doubling his/her bet.

Hit: Another card is drawn by the player. If the total points of a player exceed 21 because of this card, they lose.

Split: In case the player possesses a pair or two cards with ten points, s/he can double their bet and separate the cards they have into two hands. Each card can be given a second card by the dealer. The player here has the freedom to normally stand, double or hit. If, after splitting, a player gets ten and ace, then it is counted as 21 points instead of a blackjack.

Surrender: With surrender, a player gives up half of their  wager and keeps the other half while not playing out their hand.

Cards Value

In Blackjack, the value of ace is 1 or 11; the value of Kings, Queens and Jacks is 10; Cards from 2 to 10 have face value and cards suits aren’t relevant.

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4.   Texas Hold’em Poker

One of most popular casino poker games is Texas Hold’em. This unique casino game is played by many people around the world. In Texas Hold’em Poker each player has five open cards and two private cards. The player receives two cards called the ‘hole cards’ that aren’t visible to any other player. The other 5 cards that are on the table are ‘community cards’. Texas Hold’em Poker commences in a clockwise direction.

Every time after the game, a player moves in a clockwise direction and the player on the left side of previous dealer becomes the new dealer. At the start of the game, the player who is in the dealer’s nearest left automatically becomes a dealer. Once the dealer is chosen, the betting round begins. Four actions can be taken by a player for placing bets in Texas Hold’em poker. These include call, raise, check and fold.

Like other poker games, in Texas Hold’em Poker the strategies and styles of the game get complex in the final stages.

Texas Hold’em Poker is about making best five card combination from the seven cards each player has at their disposal. In order to make the best hand, players are allowed to use one or both or none of their hole cards. The variants of Texas Hold’em Poker are:

No Limit Texas Hold’em: In no limit Texas Hold’em, players are free to bet as there isn’t any limit on betting.

Fixed Limit Texas Hold’em: There’s a limit on the amount that can be bet by a player.

Pot Limit Texas Hold’em: Each player can place a bet on any amount up to the pot’s size.

Texas Hold’em Poker is played with ten players on the playing table. Players try wining as many chips as they can and one pot at a time. A pot can be won by having the best hand or by having all others fold before showdown.

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As you can see, Craps, Roulette, Blackjack and Texas Hold’em Poker are a must for your casino night themed party. These are the most popular casino games and your casino night party can never be complete without them. In addition to these games, you could also consider including wheel of fortune and slot machines in your casino themed party. With casino games, you should also hire professional dealers who can show to your employees how the games must be played and keep the fun alive in the casino games.

We know you are wondering from where you would get the tables, equipment and dealers for these casino games. Don’t fret; we got you covered. At 4S Casino Party, we have an exceptional variety of carefully maintained casino-grade equipment for Craps, Roulette, Blackjack and Poker. We also provide trained and professional dealers in appropriate attire to maintain an engaging gaming atmosphere. Not only can we setup casino games and provide dealers for your casino night themed party, we can also make other arrangements like music, dance, theme décor and elegant catering for your casino party.

Want to learn more? Please give us a call at (408) 298-3001 or use of Free Quote Form.

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