Casino Party Events

Planning a personal party or corporate event doesn’t need to be stressful. Proper planning and professional help will make sure that your celebration comes off without a hitch. Whether you need to handle a business lunch, seminar, presentation or party, the first step is to seek professional assistance from a qualified event company. When you want to include casino party events you can choose from a variety of fun and interesting games that will ensure that guests have a great time.  

Tips for Planning Casino Party Events

A casino party can be the most exciting party you will ever have. However, to make it successful it is helpful to work with a professional event planner from a casino party company. The first step is a consultation. The party event consultant will work with you to determine your needs and answer your questions. Depending on the type of event that you are planning and the number of guests there are a variety of options to pick from.

When planning casino party events it is helpful to choose packages that include everything you need. By combining all of your needs in one package you will have less stress and a more successful event. Some of the items that can be included are decorations, food and beverage management, emcee, DJ, lights, photo booths and more.

Before the consultation, make a list of the number of guests that plan to attend, the date of the event and your anticipated budget. This will allow the consultant to provide you with many choices that will meet your needs. There are many various casino games that can be included in the party.

Some of the most popular games are poker, blackjack, craps and roulette. We also offer other games such as cash grab, baccarat and a Sahara money wheel. There are many different variations of these games so they can accommodate the number of guests that will attend the party. Professional dealers ensure that the games are played properly. We can also help with an auction or raffle.

Fundraising Options

Many companies and other entities like to plan casino party events for fundraising. Casino parties are great for fundraising but you do need to make sure that you follow the state and federal laws. For example, you cannot charge people to enter the “casino” but you can charge for food and drinks. Our fundraising consultant understands the laws and will help plan an event that meets your needs while remaining legal.

We have more than 30 years of experience with casino party rentals so we are considered experts in the field. We will help you create a fundraiser or other event that is ideal for your particular needs. We know how to properly plan these types of events so that they are a success. We will partner with you on your annual fundraising plans to help meet your long-term goals. Contact 4S Casino Party today to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your specific party or event needs.